Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm maybe a step away from being THIS GUY:
I seriously just am FASCINATED by people who are THIS into something. Something they didn't even DO themselves.
He's a hairstylist in Long Beach. Anyone wanna go make a new friend?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cute. Not Dumb.

Kory asked this morning how it is that, despite all evidence to the contrary, she likes Rachel McAdams even though she has repeatedly chosen to be in movies that make women look like idiots. She asks, "Can her awesomeness in Mean Girls outweigh the terribleness of The Notebook, the Family Stone and now, The Time Traveler's Wife?" I think it's because she's cute, but not dumb. This does not help the dilemma of one after terrible-nother chick-flick being barfed out onto the public screens and theater posters everywhere.

The problem with Romantic Comedies or the Romance Film collection in general is that they make women look like idiots and they treat women who SEE them like morons, with little expectation for plot beyond seeing good hair and home decor. It's our own fault that Hollywood continues to churn out such trash, really, since most of the people paying to see these movies are women who are stupid for not having higher expectations. Forget boycotting the film industry with it's salacious sensuality and profane humor- Please: refuse to see yet ANOTHER movie that makes women look incapable of reasonable action. Put your foot down and put it down NOW.

Sorry, Rachel McAdams. You're cute and not-dumb, but a movie about a woman who sits around waiting for the man of her dreams to appear here and there throughout her life only to abandon her during her REAL life? And she STAYS with him?!? That's not romantic. That's just real life.