Sunday, September 30, 2007

Learn Of Me.

I thought THIS was appropriate for Sunday. Hopefully it will inspire a song in your soul, as it has mine.
Mike is going to hell for sure.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Concede.

That's it. I give. You win.
The statistics have shown me; there are (on average) over 100 readers from various parts of the country (a few overseas) who check in every day to read Blogg. I am so completely flattered. If you feel even a twinge of what I felt on Fridays when
Herb Cain columns were published, you may get some inkling of how excited I am to have other people interested in my writing. You've given me a teeny dream come true, my lovelies. Thank you. Thank you.

The other thing your stats have shown me; you really like what I have to say about the things I actually spend surprising little time actually thinking about. Between polls, general surveys, and responses to postings, it's clear you want to hear more about dating and relationships- and I can't blame you. My goodness, is it interesting. But here's my confession: I don't care. I don't really think much about dating relationships- probably because I'm not superkeen about dating in general and experience has taught me that I am just this side of "too logical" to really think much about "silliness with boys" (as my grandmother says). Plus- as we all are- I'm busy! It's hard coming up with new stuff every day for you to read and not comment on!

Do you know what I think about? All day? Music. Really. Seriously. All day long, I listen to it in-between NPR reports and when I'm getting ready in the morning, and when I get ready for bed at night and everything in-between, I sing to myself. I have been known to sing myself to sleep and have been caught laughing in my dreams. Probably because I'm dancing around in most of them.

So here's the thing, dear loyal, trusted readers- I give. I will give you what you want, but you gotta help me out here. I will still gratuitously post my favourite videos and songs and playlists for beloved iPod, but I want your input, too. Tell me what ails you- what questions do you wish you could ask about relationships, or what stories can you share, or what answers are you looking for? While I don't love twittering about boys in MY life, I LOVE being helpful, and I love being a voice of reason in a world full of finger-pointing and sexist "Mars and Venus" theories. Most of my close girlfriends will admit that they use me as their soundboard when male behavior mystifies me; apparently I think like a man, but thankfully, I can express it as a woman.

So now it's your turn: Tell me what you like. Tell me what you want. Knowing me, knowing you, you'll get whatever you dang well please. Feel free to do as my close friends do, which is email me material, pictures, scenarios, conversation bits, etc. Whenever, whatever. You can reach me

*Rhyll asked for a Hello Kitty diamond ring, and what does she get? This is called giving the people what they want. GIVING IT TO YOU EVERY DAY. xoxo, -f.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Good Morning!

Remember how Krista said she wonders what it's like inside my head?
It's kinda like waking up and feeling like this:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Meet Me In The Clouds:

Under the Influence of Giants are playing with The Sounds tonight at The Galaxy in Santa Ana.
Shine your shoes, today. You're gonna dance your pants off tonight.
It'll feel kinda like THIS.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My friend, Chinkara, posted this short this morning...I like what she asks her audience:
In a world where we "put on" different faces, strive to look a certain way, shop to appear a certain style...
Are we a reflection of our culture, or is our culture a reflection on us?
What do you think?,,=1

"All this so I can finally find a man who'll love me for who I am."

Monday, September 17, 2007

Career Gal.

In one of my favourite movies, "The Hudsucker Proxy," Jennifer Jason Leigh is described as, "a fast-talking career gal who thinks she's one of the boys." It plays well in the film's nostalgic feel of "His Girl Friday" and Barbara Stanwyck types. Point being that women who choose a career tend to forgo the more feminine aspects of her character. Not to mention forgo their relationships with men in order to better pursue their career in climbing the ladder.

As someone who works really hard and channels a lot of energy and effort into my work, most people are shocked to learn that I have absolutely no career ambitions and no interest in ladders of any kind. Granted, I like what I do, and I'm good at what I do, so I am therefore successful at what I do. I've been blessed with the energy and the time and the work ethic to do well, and I've chosen a job that offers a wise career path for the future of myself and my family. But do I want or expect my career to define who I am? Absolutely not. Just as I don't need a relationship to define myself, nor do I need a career to define myself. But, while I've got the time and the energy, it seems in everyones best interest that I work as hard and as well as I can, while I can. In fact, I've based all my career choices on what will eventually work out best for supporting my family. This translates into a high-pressure environment with high expectations, from both myself and the company.

It was only last week that I called a friend in frustration of all this pressure, asking, "What is it all for? Why are we working so hard?" To which she slyly replied, "I'm actually looking for a new job. This one's not fun." Shocked, I sputtered, "but...You're so good at what you do! You're doing so well!" And she replied, "Yeah. But I don't need to work. My husband does that. If I'm working, it's because I want to. And if I'm not having fun, why not just change jobs?" Her reasoning shattered my mind like lightning. Not once in my life has it occurred to me that I would have a husband to rely upon. Never did it cross my mind that I would not be expected to work. Not once!

In a quick survey of my girlfriends, I was startled to learn I was the ONLY one who expected to work in the future. The only one who did not expect that I would have a husband who would be responsible for supporting my family. In my mind, I suppose I've always been aware that 1) men can leave- either divorce, abandonment, or death are all realities, 2) men can be irresponsible- do I trust that I can depend so completely upon another person that I would leave all responsibility for providing on his shoulders? And then there's always the expectation that I would marry a starving artist somewhere, and I had better be prepared.

If this is the norm, this expectation for men to provide- how do men feel about this responsibility? In their mind, is it just as logical and reasonable an expectation? Is this even fair? Or is fairness irrelevant as it's such a cultural expectation? Is your career something which defines you, or is it a socialized obligation? Am I completely off in thinking that I should expect (or, at least, prepare) to shoulder some part of financial responsibility for our family? I'm not talking traditional gender role expectations. I'm talking YOU. I'm talking, is this what YOU want, as a man? And if your fantasy is holding a good job so your wife can stay home with the kids, does that dream satisfy you and does it define who you are? Or is it simply that you want to work, and women just...don't?

I am SO interested to hear what you all have to say about this...

Friday, September 14, 2007


And here's why I love Darin & Liz so much...
Our answer back to the article from yestarday.

Ellen, Wolf, and Jill.

So, anyone who knows Chappie from DC will appreciate this. And yes. She really IS spunky. AND is one of the biggest Ellen fans EVER.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


True conversation:

He: You need to be more feminine. A man likes to be around a woman who is, well; a little more vulnerable. He wants to know that you need him.
Me: But do I need a man?
He: (laughing) That's a very good question.

So is that what I'm to believe? Is my femininity determined by someone else's masculinity? In which case, why should I be expected to lower my abilities in order to allow someone else to supersede my own virtues? Isn't it fair to say, if my femininity is so important, that it's okay for me to expect someone to be more "masculine"- more independent, more self-sufficient, more caring, more compassionate, more intelligent, more successful, more outgoing, more capable than I am at my best?

This isn't the first time I've been warned about being "too independent." It was, however, the first time it was point-blank suggested to me that I act as though I weren't. I'm not into deception. I don't manipulate, hide, or pretend. It's just too much effort. And I consider it lying. Another thing I don't advocate; not even in the slightest. But maybe it's time to humble myself and fact the facts; men don't like a woman who is too independent. Now, I've been 100% on my own and responsible for myself (and at times, others) since I was 16. So we're kidding ourselves to think I can't do this on my own. The real question is, to me...Do I WANT to do this all on my own? No. I don't. *

I don't need someone to coddle me, pacify me, or provide for me. I don't need someone to depend upon financially, emotionally, socially, or even psychologically. But do I want to give everything that I am to better someone else's life; and thereby raise a good family? Do I want to work with someone else toward a common goal and accomplish a life that is greater outside myself? Do I want to understand what it's like to be willing to sacrifice everything for someone else's sake? To truly understand what real, eternal, Christlike love is? Absolutely.

So may I ask a favor of you all? May I ask that, ladies, you not pretend to be less than you are to find acceptance, and gentlemen, that you not require us to. I think we'll all be more fulfilled in the end by recognizing ourselves as complete persons who are not so much made whole by another, but made stronger and better than we were on our own.

* You'll have to forgive the video. It was just too funny for me to resist. And somehow, I completely relate to her...The lyrics to the song are actually quite good...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sorry, ladies. Looks like the rumors are true about Wentworth. I would've called that from the kiss with Sara on the train. It was like watching two girls. (shudder.)
Here's some info to help ease your pain-
If you're in Orange County- there's a new dental office on Beach and Adams in Huntington and they're offering FREE tooth-whitening services.
And for everyone else- this is a little late, but...if you can-
Walgreen's is offering FREE ink cartridges in exchange for your old ones. True story.

Too Smart for Marriage.

When I was little and made little girl assumptions about things, my mom would always say, "it's a good thing you're smarter than everyone else, isn't it?" It was a lesson in sarcasm and humility all in one. (Good one, Mom.) Today I think it's about the same...Maybe it's just human nature to believe we're doing what's right, and it must be everyone else who's a little bit misguided. In any case, many people tell me the reason I'm still single is not (as Anonymous so delicately pointed out) because I'm not "do-able, but because I simply haven't met the right man yet. Which always sounds like a cop-out, but out of the mouth of multiple witnesses? I suppose that could be true. Additional explanations offered by others? I move too often, travel too much, I'm too independent and too smart. Yes. I've been told I'm too smart for marriage. More than once. (I got that one a lot at BYU. Which was particularly cruel, since I went to BYU in order to get even smarter. O, the Burn..) Even by the father of someone I was dating. Seriously.

I had always believed that the general consensus on delaying marriage was because of the increase in education (it's much the reason for delay in child-bearing, after all). Then, Kory sends me this article this morning, telling me it reminds her of Blogg. The article suggests that it is an across the board delay- that whether people are educated, well-traveled or not, they are not hitching their wagons before 30 the way they were even just 5 years ago! It's not because we're too SMART for marriage- we're just not committing via matrimony anymore! It has less to do with education, intelligence, careers, etc. as it does to do with the lack of morality, cohabitation, and "Sex & The City" selfish-lifestyle living choices.

This isn't justifying anyone or anything...Nor am I saying that I am too good for marriage or that I don't want an eternal relationship one day. But I will say this. I was too smart to marry any of those schlumpy guys I had dated. I have traveled a lot. And I'm grateful and thankful for those experiences and places I have lived. I love that I had such an amazing opportunity as to start my own business, that I was blessed with the abundant energy to work as hard as I have and that I have had the freedom to develop my intelligence and relationships and friendships.

Now, maybe I can be ready for something more. And now I'll find someone who's smart enough to find and marry me.

Friday, September 7, 2007


In preparation for Season 3 of Prison Break, I am marathoning the newly released Season 2 (available at Costco for $35). After hours and hours of programming, I am left with one statement, and one statement alone:

Lincoln Burrows, you have my heart.

I love that you refuse to button your shirt, regardless of what you're wearing. That even your t-shirts are v-neck so that I can behold your man-cleavage. Bless your soul, Lincoln Burrows. BLESS YOU.
*This video clip has some spoilers, so you may want to watch the brothers fight in silence.

And because I know you want it:
The ladies always appreciate a little eye-candy. But I hear that they read it for the articles.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Ladies, I have a solution! All your dreams are answered HERE.
I just took the free compatability test, and found my perfect match- and since it's totally based on science, I KNOW this is The One! He's even FRENCH!!!
* Thanks for the tip, Caroline. I owe you. Big time.

Now & Zen

Dang, do I wish I lived in San Francisco! As if THESE GIRLS (and Paul) weren't enough to make me miss home, my favourite morning show has tickets for THIS on sale for only $20! $20 for Joss Stone...Joss is AAAAhhhhMazing. Definitely go if you live around there.

In fact...if anyone down here wants for a roadtrip...I make an excellent travel companion and my roadtrip cds are classic acquisitions.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Selling the Dream.

"At least when you're in your twenties, you can still sell the dream. 'I want to be a doctor. I want to write a book. I want to travel.' Today it's, 'I'm 33 and an accountant I'm overweight and I'm kinda bald.' There's no dream left to sell."
-On getting a girl to commit is easier the younger a man is.

A lot can be said for taking a good, honest look at who you are today. Your expectations, your goals, and reassessing everything that you're doing (or not doing) to work toward that goal. On the flip side, a girlfriend said the following:
"I have this nightmare. I wake up Christmas morning and I'm 45 and alone and still in my parent's house." We laughed, but she followed her confession with, "It's not that far off. It's only 15 years away, and I remember where I was 15 years ago. Vividly. And it doesn't feel that long ago."

So here's what the last 15 years have done for me:
I am way more attractive than I was 15 years ago. I know how to do my hair (or rather, I actually DO my hair now). I wear clothes that actually fit me (for the most part). I shave my legs. I wear makeup. I exercises. I can run several miles without stopping. I'm not afraid of people anymore. I've left the country several times now, and I really really love that. I know how to snowboard. I've been wakeboarding, waterskiing, and deep sea fishing. I am a godmother to my friend's amazing adorable children. I've lived alone. I've lived with roommates. I have a college degree and have taken graduate courses and loved it. I have email. I have a cell phone. I can cook chicken. I own my own car. And I look forward to going home with one man, instead of ditching the one I'm with to hang out with my friends.

If that's what the last 15 years have done for me, I can't wait to find out what happens over the next 15. Forget selling a dream. I want to live it.