Friday, September 7, 2007


In preparation for Season 3 of Prison Break, I am marathoning the newly released Season 2 (available at Costco for $35). After hours and hours of programming, I am left with one statement, and one statement alone:

Lincoln Burrows, you have my heart.

I love that you refuse to button your shirt, regardless of what you're wearing. That even your t-shirts are v-neck so that I can behold your man-cleavage. Bless your soul, Lincoln Burrows. BLESS YOU.
*This video clip has some spoilers, so you may want to watch the brothers fight in silence.

And because I know you want it:
The ladies always appreciate a little eye-candy. But I hear that they read it for the articles.


linds said...

You & Linc. Me and Michael. We make a nice foursome!

Salt H2O said...

Despite the rugged good looks that grace this show, season 2 sucked.

Sarita said...

Ummmm, Michael (aka Wentworth Miller) is named for one Captain Wentworth of Jane Austen's Persuasion. Didn't know if you knew that. Or that he is highly educated and comes from a home of scholars. And that he has my heart.

The Dally Llama said...

Alright, question for yous: Is this show really any good? The previews always make it look kind of stupid, and EVERY week, they made it sound like the breakout was happening that week, only to see that they were STILL in jail the next week, which struck me as falling somewhere between boring and very lame. Then last season it seemed kind of stupid to have a show be called prison break when they weren't in prison any more, which also seems pretty lame to me. But then I've heard from a few people that it's a pretty good show. So what gives? Is it worth watching? -Or will the fact that I am neither a gay male nor female negate the only reason why anybody ever watches the show?

Salt H2O said...

Dally LLama-

May I suggest borring season one with your DVD remote close by to fast forward through the sub-plots. Perfect viewing for a lazy saturday/sunday afternoon.

Season one was very cleaver, with plot twists and development that you can't get in a movie.

Season one, the actual prison break, was very cool (my husband who hates tv even watched a few episodes with me, as far as I know, he's not gay)- it should have ended at season one- but corporate execs try to milk these shows for all they're worth.

f*bomb. said...

Just seeing Bellek in his no-more-tighty-whities wandering around like a sad, beaten, naked ogre is enough for me to never watch this show again.

They had better intellectualize this season FAST, because the increase in brutality is hardly a reason for me to tune in. Especially if we're not going to have Linc take off his shirt to protect someone's honour...