Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Sorry, ladies. Looks like the rumors are true about Wentworth. I would've called that from the kiss with Sara on the train. It was like watching two girls. (shudder.)
Here's some info to help ease your pain-
If you're in Orange County- there's a new dental office on Beach and Adams in Huntington and they're offering FREE tooth-whitening services.
And for everyone else- this is a little late, but...if you can-
Walgreen's is offering FREE ink cartridges in exchange for your old ones. True story.


Salt H2O said...

why? oh why?

f*bomb. said...

Like I said, Lincoln- you have my heart and my pants. Everyone else: Wentworth is ALL YOURS.

(But have you checked out his new friend? LANDY!!! SERIOUS upgrade, MacFarlane!)

linds said...

I am choosing not to look or believe this.