Friday, January 30, 2009

Moving On-

I was going to post an apology for my slackeredlyness and proffer indecent explainations as to why I haven't been able to give you what you want and (indubitably) what you need and deserve from me.
Let's just cut the crap and acknowledge that I suck.

Onward and upward!

One of my goals is to remember to write a little more frequently.
And while you know my preferences are videos, music and playlists for iPod, I know you're only checking in because you want controversy and conversation regarding the sexes. For you, I only have six little words:

He's Just Not That Into You.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Donations Accepted:

I have decided to go back to school.

This is not simply for MY future education, nor for the future betterment of my family and those whom I love, but for the overall betterment of the WORLD.

Click here and make your donation now.
You will not regret it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

January 20 is the New Christmas Morning.

Last night I went to bed with a little shiver in my soul. As I thought about the significance of what today would bring, of how proud and excited I am for our country and for what President Obama will do to unify us as a people on behalf of the greater good, and for what electing an African-American president means historically for our country as a whole.

This morning as I listen to it all on the radio and I consider all the advances President Obama has already been making to discuss policy with both Republicans and Democrats, those who support and who disagree with his perspective and even consulting John McCain and President Bush in regards to the economic crisis and war.

Begin again the work.

President Obama's inauguration speech will, undoubtably, be known as the catalyst for our CNN reports to turn from news into poetry. Even as excerpts of his speech are analyzed, the quoting of sentances within his speech are lyrical and loaded with meaning. What I look forward to most is the unification and collaboration of both parties. To have a leader whose process for change is based on asssessing both pros and cons, both Democrats and Republicans, both advocates and critics with the goal of inclusion, understanding and resolutions that will improve our nation and the world, is truly one of the most inspiring moments of our history. The way Obama directly addresses his cynics in the ways of the economy, war, healthcare and energy with an outstretched arm and open hands to suggest working together rather than having our own sides and our opposite fights is exactly the way I have, as an American, always wanted our contry to be represented. As for addressing our enemies at war, to offer a hand of peace rather than a threat of opposing violence by advising the wisdom of peace with the United States, rather than competing with a force that is more than immovable, but unstoppable. Additionally, his gentle acknowledgement of the historic nature of having an African-American in the White House when his own father "might not have been served a meal" in the same country merely 60 years ago, to have him take "the most sacred of oaths," on behalf of the United States stirs my soul and brings tears to my eyes.

Truly. Change has come.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Cleanse.

A few weeks ago I had dinner with friends, and one described his cleanse diet. Now, I am traditionally and fundamentally opposed to all things resembling any sort of diet or constriction on food intake, however, he made this sound pretty good. No weird teas or food combinations, just fruit and vegetables (only) for 3 weeks, followed by an introduction of whole grains and later fish and poultry in moderate amounts. He reported that, not only did he feel amazing, but people would actually see a difference in his appearance. His face had a glow, he felt healthier and stronger and full of energy- "in fact," he mused, "maybe I should do a cleanse again this year."

Considering I don't really eat fruits or vegetables, I thought, "Maybe I should do a cleanse this year." Seems like a good start to the New Year. And rather than thinking of it as taking away foods that already aren't great for me and that I don't love, I am thinking of it as adding to what I already eat- adding good things to my body that will make me feel good.

So far, I've consumed peppermint jo-jo's on the daily, purchasing five boxes when I discovered they were running out quickly and were only seasonal. After voicing their shock (quite publicly) the various checkers and surrounding women in line at Trader Joe's advised that I purchase a case and sell them on the black market. If these cookies weren't so damn good, I may actually do that.

This cleanse is working out great.
Happy New Year.

Friday, January 16, 2009

To Communicate, Indeed.

This film affected my perspective as a child and I was forever altered to seeking a new view in all things set before me. Today I met a man who works on HOUSE; the first words out of my mouth were, "O my gosh! I LOVE Robert Sean Leonard! I've followed his career since I was eight! He is the most amazing actor! I am so impressed with everything he's done to make a real career of as a true actor. PLEASE tell him I said so!"
So I gush.
But...Wouldn't you?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

How many of you wish you could do this?

I'm telling you; it's right up there with having your own unicorn.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Almost Famous.

Does anyone watch BYUtv? Because apparently, my friends and I are blowin' it up all over the place.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A New Year.

New Year's Eve has never been much of a big deal to me. Maybe it's because I never seem to get enough champagne to get to the part where counting down from 10 is exciting or the anticipated ride home with drunks on the road isn't quite what it used to be. Either way- I've come to filter all my excitement into New Year's Day.

The first day of the year. That day can set your tone for the entire year, if you'd like it to. I like to go to bed in time to wake up early and do as much as possible on that first day. Since I had to work New Year's Eve as well as New Year's morning, that limited my experience somewhat. So I spent Saturday as my First Day of the New Year by doing all the things I wanted to do.

1) Run on the beach. I usually plan on 3 miles and will sometimes go 5 if the music is really good. Somehow I ended up going 10 miles. This may mean three things:
1) I am in much better shape than I thought.
2) I have waaay too much energy.

3) It's time to strive a little harder. Because I am capeable of exceeding my own expectations.
2) Have a healthy meal. Take my time eating. Perhaps that 10 miles somehow affected my stomach, because I barely got through my chicken and only managed to chug a protien shake and some blueberry yogurt. Later that night I got so hungry I had to pull over and have my friend and I eat our Chinese take-out in my car. It may not be elegant, but DAMN, was it good!
3) Take time for the things that I love. The arts and my friends. Thankfully, I had both. The Getty has a new exhibit I've been wanting to see- I went alone and the silence and peace I felt- well, I've always compared the Getty to the Temple for me. And with the new Baroque Emotions on display, I felt my heart soar. Later, friends joined me for the Observatory, which, ironically, we could not see ANYWHERE, so later spent the evening catching up with good friends and Real Talk. That is, until I fell asleep talking- I believe I started giving directions and comparing relationships to purses. (Blog post to follow. I think I must've been onto something.)

In any case, I look at this New Year and believe that it's grace will have everything to do with how much effort I put into reaching out, looking in and pushing harder.
Happy New Year.