Friday, October 1, 2010

Ask Farrah!

So, there are like, seven of you still reading this, but for YOU- I have a very exciting message.
We're going to tv.
And by "tv," I mean, "YouTube."
And by "we," I mean, "You and I!" For realzies!!!

Since there's been a great reaction to our discussions on dating, relationships and the playlists we make for them, I'm starting an advice channel on YouTube. It will have daily clips of advice on things that will make your life better, your socializing less stupid and have the usual random fun-ness you've come to expect.
Episodes will have a guest cohost from YouTube (so send me your favourite YouTube stars clips and we'll track them down!)  YOU are very much a part of this! Since it's an advice channel, I'll need YOUR input on what topics you want discussed, what situations you're in where you'd like feedback and who you'd like to see more of on YouTube!
The new website:
That will link you to the blog, the channel and my email!
Can't wait to hear from you!