Friday, March 23, 2007

My Day.

Krista always tells me she wonders what is going on in my head. Actually, a few people have wondered.

Want to know what my world is like? It's like this:

Exactly like this.

*My mom actually sewed a gold dress for prom and I wore it with my yellow Chucks.
Thank you for understanding me, Lily Allen. Thank you.

Your turn. Post your favourite video- I'm so out of the loop- I haven't seen Mtv in years, and am still struggling with the acceptance of finally being in the VH1 demographic...rather unsettling.

So far, I'm mad about OKGO music videos on YouTube, and the band I can't stop listening to is THE FEELING. And if anyone can tell me how to post an actual video instead of all these unattractive links, blog and I would really appreciate it.


hutchgirl said...

Farah! I don't have your email I don't know how to send you a message......I'll try this.....

Do you know Kindee? I just met here this week. She seems like an amazing gir. Russ is a very good friend of mine! What a beautiful couple!

f*bomb. said...

YES! Kindee is one of my favourite people who made serving time in Denver all worthwhile. She also started Reach the Children (you can read about it in "2005") and remains an inspiration.

My favourite part about Russ and Kindee is how in every single picture SHE is laughing and HE looks stoked. Totally.

HannaHighpoint said...

Go to youtube. When you are on the video page, copy and paste the "embed" html code into the "html" section of your blog. Delete anything before and after embed> and /embed>. You will have a perfect video.

See mine today at

veeda said...

I really like Lily Allen. From her oversized earrings to her sneakers, she's pretty catchy.

You are catchy too Farrah.

f*bomb. said...

I guess that means I have "it."

Read: Hannahighpoint


And MUSIC VIDEOS, PEOPLE!!! What else can we watch now?