Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Real Talk.

Real conversation last night:

K: My married friends kept bugging me to flirt more at your party. They kept saying, "THAT's your problem! You needed to go back there and FLIRT some more. But I know 3/4 of the guys there- they're my FRIENDS. We already know each other. But all I heard was that it was MY fault for not being married at 29- because I didn't flirt at your party.

F: I have the same experience every time I go to Utah. At first I think it's okay- then I see that I could get a 3 story home with a finished basement for $150. FINISHED BASEMENT! And Law School is begging for me- hmmm...LAW SCHOOL AND a FINISHED BASEMENT! And then, by day 3 or 4, I get the "you're not married because you (require a complete overhaul of your personality)" speech. By then, I'm like, "Well, F*THAT! F*Utah! F*YOU!!! F*ALL of YOU!!! "

K: I love you. You're a breath of fresh air.

F: F*yeah.
...What was that? The least attractive attribute in a woman was listed as, "language"? oops.

*As Miss Caroline says, "I'm 31, and I look GREAT!" This photo has people still under 31, but we look damn good anyway.


k8 said...

so i had some married friends in town this weekend and we were talking about one of our mutual male friends who is 30 and unmarried. one of the girls said, "so what's wrong? is he gay? too picky? lazy?" then she looked at me totally horrified and said, "oh my gosh! i just went through all of the things single people hate married people to say!" i was dying. it's like she couldn't help herself-her married brain just works that way now. kudos to her for realizing though...

f*bomb. said...

Yeah. But be honest; he probably is gay, picky, AND lazy.

"If a man is over 30 and single, he's a freak. It's Darwinian. He's being weeded out of the genepool."
"What does that make us?"
"We're just choosy."

Ihavenoclevername. said...

Oh yeah? As a 32-year-old, I'd like to quote Farrah and say to both of you:
"Well, F*THAT! F*YOU!!! F*ALL of YOU!!!"

Except that I AM lazy. Katie remembers me as a wee lad of 25, so she could call me out.

K said...


A breath of F*ing fresh air...that's what it is.

Let's talk real again. Real soon...

HannaHighpoint said...

Oh my beloved Farrah. I just wet the bed reading your blog. And I'm naked in someone else's bed, so we might have a problem here.

**It's my cousin's Jody's bed and I just got out of the shower.

caroline said...

you have too many friends named caroline

f*bomb. said...

We're all f*ing awesome.

Except Tom, who is gay, picky and lazy. But we like him.