Saturday, March 3, 2007

Getting Lucky-

A few years ago, I saw a "St Patrick's Day" card at a friend's house. I didn't know people actually CELEBRATED St Patrick's Day, and he informed me that it was, "bigger than Christmas." I called my grandmother later and she said, "Farrah- YOU celebrate St Patrick's Day! We're Irish!" She then began listing all the things that should have been clues to my heritage:
  • corned beef and cabbage.
  • the 4 leaf clover patch
  • green eggs for breakfast
  • Grampa's obsession with Ireland
You would think I should have caught on. Maybe being the only Asian in the house threw me off a littlebit. We may never know. Suffice to say, NOW I celebrate St Patty's with purpose.

So, as we approach this year's "Get Lucky" party, I am trying to come up with playlists for '007. So far, all I've got are "Luck be a Lady"-Sinatra, "Lucky Star"-Madonna, and a few others from my iTunes list. So if you know
of any other songs about luck, fortune, the Irish, Colin Farrell, the colour green, or getting drunk, let me know. Post your songs for the "Getting Lucky" playlist. iPod and I will thank you for it.

And then, come and celebrate on the 17th with the annual "Get Lucky" party.

*is anyone else getting major icks from the way Sir Sean is looking at me? ew.


HannaHighpoint said...

Lucky To Know You by Blue Merle

k8 said...

lucky man-the verve

possibly one of the sexiest songs ever written.

Lisa said...

I just read a comment you wrote on Amy's blog!! Where are you?? I'm in Orange County too! We moved here from Menlo Park! Small world!!! Email me when you get a chance. Lisa (Hutchins)

Jared said...

Luck of Lucien - Tribe Called Quest
Lucky - Hoobastank
Lucky - Radiohead
Lady Luck - Rod Stewart
Lucky Charms - The Rudiments
Lucky Dime - Calexico
Sister Luck - Black Crowes
Feeling Lucky - Jesus and Mary Chain
You Got Lucky - Tom Petty
Lucky Town - Bruce Springsteen
I am just a lucky so and so - Ella Fitzgerald
Lucky Day - Less than Jake
Lucky Ones - Loverboy
Lucky Lucky Me - Marvin Gaye
Lucky Man - The Verve

Anything by:
Flogging Molly
Dropkick Murphys
The Pogues

tb said...

Drunken Lullabies by Flogging Molly.

Delia Rae said...

JARED - You've got the musical pot of gold...don't forget Hothouse Flowers and the Waterboys...Sinead and I know it's ancient old school but Tom Petty's "You Got Lucky" is still so def...
Farrah...LOVE THE RED you flame on flame woman with all that flaming fire!!!!
Pinch your leprechaun for me...
Delia Rae