Thursday, March 1, 2007

I Found Love in '007

Well. It’s finally happened. I’ve finally found the love of my life and his name is iPod. It’s only been 3 days- a whirlwind, I know!- but I spend every moment thinking about ipod- every second checking to see if he’s finished downloading yet so I can give him another album….While my 1984 walkman and mix tapes have still joined me on all my business trips (and will probably continue to accompany me to the beach), I am already far more attentive and devoted to ipod than any boy I’ve ever dated. I guess I am finally ready to commit.

I know, I know. Everyone tells me that ipod should probably at least take me out to dinner once and a while, but you and I and everyone else has already heard me say a million times that I’d rather go out to a concert or a show than to a month of dinners---ipod gives me exactly what I want. It’s like ipod understands my SOUL. From musicals to oldies to tambourine solos…I mean, the excitement never stops! And even though he has a suspicious amount of disco and Broadway, he is just so sleek and pretty; and I’m not too shy to say that I don’t mind being seen with him.

I made sure the first song I heard on ipod was by “The Beautiful South.” My first cd AND my first cd player were also dedicated by “The Beautiful South.” It’s poetic, really. Who says I’m not a romantic? *sigh…*
As Karen Carpenter once sang (as ipod reminded me several times today), “We’ve only just begun…”

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