Thursday, March 1, 2007


It seems a little self-indulgent to me that I would start a blog. Of course, that's how I felt about cell phones in 1999. Shows what I know. Plus, due to the overwhelming lack of communication I maintain with friends and (even moreso) family*- and that I continue to destroy my cell phones and lose YOUR digits, this seems to be an easy one-spot blogspot to spotFarrah. And you know how much I do love efficiency. And bringing my friends together. And writing essays. And now, here you are. Unite, My People! With YOUR participation, this proves to be the best blog love-in since internet dating and porn.**

And who are we kidding? For years, you've totally been wondering what's roaming around in my brain...

Now it's your turn, my lovelies. Post a topic. Any topic. Especially if it's about how much you love iPod.

* Shout out to Krista (for wondering), Bree (for inspiring), Gramma (for complaining), Kristiana (for trying), the Veeda (for sentiment), Derek (for proving), and 13 O'Clock for sexy. Comment, or the blog gets it.
** There will be no internet dating or porn on this site. Well. Mostly none.

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