Thursday, March 29, 2007

Music is Better Than Food.

The Feeling: Never Be Lonely.

I like everything about these fellows.* They're younger, thinner, and more European than I am, so therefore, they are my new favourite band. I am kicking myself for not having the cash to get their CD. So if they're on tour near you, do us both a favour. Buy the album, get it signed, and hug each and every one of these boys for me. They prove that outstanding music and the art of performance still exists in this world of manufactured "hits."
I'm not even kidding you. I streamed their online clips for six hours straight, and keep doing that for a few hours every day since the concert. O! You damned ATM card with the faulty magnetic strip!!! My fast-food-excuse-for-a-meal was NOTHING compared to THE FEELING.

Jack Bauer thinks they're f*ing fantastic. And he has promised to kill anyone who disagrees. I swear. I was there. In the velvety-red room upstairs of House of Blues. You can read about it in THE FEELING's blog.

There have been some outstanding shows this year. Live music is so much better when the artist understands the art of performance. Par example- Alyson LOVES Jack Johnson, so we waited to see him in SanDiego's Street Scene. About 10 minutes in, Jack was so boring we ditched out to hit the Foo Fighters. I danced so hard I lost my sunglasses. And I didn't even care. THAT is how hot the Foo do rock.

Other fantastic shows I will always try and hit:
Joss Stone
Amos Lee
Isaac Hayden
Oasis (yeah- how lucky am I?!?!)
Matt Nathanson

Still kicking myself for missing:
Under the Influence of Giants BIG TIME.
Gwen Stefani

Obviously I have my favourites who haven't even been close to coming my way, so they're not listed. So. Go ahead. Tell me what else I'm missing. I know Broek, Bree, Veeda & Brendan, Caroline, Isaac, Katie, Alyson and Dainon will have amazing suggestions. Listen to them and O- be wise.


HannaHighpoint said...

Okay, the best shows ever:
AFI - he's gay, and fabulous
311 - I make an effort to touch Nick Hexum every time
Yea Brother
Powder - stripping, pole dancing, acrobatics - all from the lead singer, who is hot.
Justin Timberlake - didn't like NSync, but I love JT. He shakes it, and I wanna make it!

The Dally Llama said...

Mostly I'm just curious how come the type size in your blog entries gets progressively smaller as each post progresses? I just had to wipe a greasy face print off my screen b/c I had to get reeeeealy close to read.

f*bomb. said...

People keep telling me there's too much I figure I'll just make it smaller.
As for the face print, might I recommend blotting tissues? They work wonder and you won't ever have to powder your nose.

The Final Countdown said...

Thanks to your harrassing posts, I saw your blog and made one of my own. Kind of.

K said...

5 fabulous words:

Faith and Tim: Soul 2 Soul

Sorry, Farrah. I know you are disappointed. But, "if it's the truth, what else matters?" (General Conference, Sunday morning session, in case you weren't watching cuz you were out of gas on the side of the road... slacker.)

farrah said...

Miss K: Anyone who spells "To" with a "2" is the perfect example of why we need a government regulated standard system for education. So the hicks don't wander off into a hole with poor spelling.

"There was a mouse in my bed and some crap in my toothbrush." That just about sums up any trip to a poor country PERFECTLY. Nice work, Countdown. (And don't blame me for starting a blog- my people have been doing it for centuries.)

k8 said...

One of my favorite shows of ever was Broken Social Scene. I love them to death and was afraid I might be disappointed-I was not.

The Arcade Fire is a hell of a show, Stars are really fun, The Postal Service was a favorite.

Ray Lamontagne, Ryan Adams, Rachel Yamagata, The Polyphonice Spree, The Flaming Lips and Wilco are all pretty rad live as well.

f*bomb. said...

My favourite LA venue is The Hotel Cafe, and I have loved every show I've seen there (and would probably camp out there every night if I lived closer). They have recently begun "Hotel Cafe Tours" with some of the amazing artists who really support the HC and THOSE shows are equally amazing. (if you're in Southern California) (if you're anywhere else)

caroline said...

the rapture on may 2nd at in the venue here in salt lake. can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

f*bomb. said...

Veeda, I hope you don't mind, but I absolutely loved what you had to say about Bloc Party:

Also- I just got home from seeing WICKED. I would miss out on a week of dining out to see a show like this. Ahhh-MAZING.