Friday, September 9, 2005

Shameless Self-Promotions

Here’s the Shameless Update:

Last week, several major things happened for Shameless. A venue that would like to host some of our future events invited me to attend a benefit for Hurricane Katrina survivors, and in the process, I was introduced to the camera crew of “In the Mix,” a national entertainment magazine filmed locally in LA. The interview went well, and got them really excited about producing a feature story on the Shameless benefit events. The next day, I met with the president of the station for Urban Arts TV, and the head directors of their “In the Mix” program. I introduced them to Shameless and our partnered charities, ONE and Reach the Children, as well as several clips of music to give them a taste of the level and quality of the Shameless Artists. The next morning several station members from the meeting emailed me to solidify the long-term relationship they intend to build upon with Shameless and our artists, as well as confirm that they will film all our upcoming benefit events for the show, “In the Mix.”

The documentary production company “Nineteen76 Productions,” is collaborating with several local film schools to create an ad campaign for Shameless; one that is funny and going to be good enough for you to fwd on to all your email friends. The president of Nineteen76 filmed a documentary on rap icon, Adina Howard, and just returned from filming Madonna’s world tour. My favourite thing to tell people is that he took Kabala classes with Madonna! Still, as with all our artists, he has a great heart and is devoted to the Shameless cause.

We also had our first article published- a full feature titled, “Shameless is Selfless,” and I met with the lead editor of several local papers, who will also be working for the LA Times in October and he and his wife have been working with several national magazines and papers for the last 20 years. They are offering to place Shameless stories in weekly features, as well as my personal journal entries as a series, and a national magazine cover on Shameless for Sunset or Outdoor magazine. This is the same man who broke the story on Erin Brockovich, so when he tells me he’s doing something, I believe him. We meet again with my PR director this week.

Expect to see Shameless Youth Rallies, a Shameless 5K, Shameless Fashion Show featuring one-of-a-kind couture by Handsome Clothing and Rockin’ Republic Jeans, and big-name artists brought to you by Virgin Records. See September’s events at:

All in all, it’s been a great experience so far, and it seems that things happen for us daily, so it’s quite a blur. I will do what I can to keep you abreast of Shameless and our events, but so as not to clog up your email accounts; I encourage you to check up on our site, frequently. We will have photos and updated news posted soon.

Thank you so much for your support and your contributions.

Shameless Self-Promotions
Do Good. Be Shameless.

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