Monday, November 17, 2008

Weekend in Vegas.

Because it's my birthday.
And nothing says class like a weekend in Vegas.
I practically reek of maturity.
  • It looks like I'll be heading to Vegas Wed morning to get in some one on one with my Vegas family- those of you with families, I mean, before friends get in and just want me to swill hard alcohol and party till the breaka-breaka-dawn.
  • I will stay with Keller's family for Wednesday and Thursday night and then (to reduce foot traffic) stay with CropStarr Friday and Saturday.
  • JonWayne and Co are looking into 2 for 1 tickets for LOVE, Mystere and any other free/discounted tickets to Cirque de Soliel shows.
  • Lindsey is looking into free/cheap spas, but any suggestions are welcome.
  • I met a professional VIP coordinator last night and apparently now we are not paying for anything anywhere we want to go. So. Happy Birthday to ALL of us.
  • Carpoolers from California- We have people leaving Thursday night from LA and Friday night from Huntington Beach. Can you send me a quick roll call to let me know what times you'd prefer and if you'll need a place to stay? Returning to California- we have people who want to leave Vegas for home Saturday night and Sunday morning. Reply to all to roll call it to know who you can ride back with.
Anyone who can't make it, I'd still love to see you at my place: November 23 Sunday night 8pm. Bring your favourite ice-cream or ice-cream addition (fruit, cookie dough, granola, brownies) and we'll make home-made Cold Stone. Everyone's welcome. Our pool patio is huge and there are lots of lounge chairs on deck for lounging. Call me for the address.


cropstar said...


Tamara Atkin said...

Happy Birthday, Farrah. That sounds like the kind of celebration I want for my birthday this year. It sounds like a great time.

Amy said...

I'm driving for sure - still working on Linds...and I need a place to stay.

f*bomb. said...

Amy- You HAVE a place to stay! CBlack has a hotel (for work) with two big beds!

Tam-Bam- I think you SHOULD make THIS your birthday celebration!

CropStar- We friggin' OWN this town.

Rudie can't fail said...

Hey, happy birthday! Coincidentally, I'm flying into Vegas tomorrow for a conference. So, I realize that you only sort of know me from the internet, but, uhhh, can I hang out with you guys? I'm sure it will be so much more fun than my boring conference, and I swear I'm not an ax murderer. Shoot me an email if you are checking your blog.