Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better than LudaChristmas!

I generally don't watch Martha Stewart, but some of you may know of my slight fascination with Ludacris. So- much to my delight- Ludacris showed up to cook with Martha today and the result- let's just say it couldn't have been more awkward/surreal/hilarious. I have tried finding the opening clip on youtube because, I'm not kidding you, having Martha tell Ludacris about how she feels for the Asian berries- I mean...Wow. At least she's there to tell him how soothing oragami is.
Mostly I love his under-reaction to her forced phonieness and attempts to repeatedly talk over him after she asks him a question. Just watch it.

And for those of you in and around the LA area, Ludacris and Common are performing AND hosting a dance off (DANCE OFF!!!) this Saturday. If I didn't already have tickets for this, I'd be there. And Martha's right. "It's so silly to call you Ludacris!"


Thanks, Snoop. Thank you.

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