Sunday, March 9, 2008

Yes. We CAN.

The only questions I have left are: How is a Canadian asked to sing about our Primary and who are all the white people?


Left-Handed said...

Which one is Canadian? Maybe he should have had some Kenyans singing instead? Wasn't Obama raised by his WHITE mother? He just seems to fit into a lot of different categories to me-- suggestions?

f*bomb. said...

I think that's the point (one of them).
Again- I'm not telling anyone how to vote...only that Obama has been the one candidate who unites races, cultures, and even divided politicians. That is all.

Fiest is Canadian. I mean, I love her, but the relevancy here is lost on me, considering she won't be voting. And ScarlettJowhatserface? I love that she's a mute for the first half and sings into a vocal coach the rest of it, so we can all know that- yeah- she sang at Coachella that one year. Wow. She must be mega-talented AND smart about politics! Vote Scarlett!

caroline said...

ahhh, marketing. what would we do without you?

Tannerama said...

Celebrities offering their unsolicited political opinions?! Now I've seen everything!