Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Morning.

Christmas was everything I'd ever dreamed and more. First there was the Christmas cookies left out for Santa (his reindeer, you will note, nibbled a bit at the carrot).
The magic glow of Christmas lights twinkled on the packages and it was hard to go to sleep in anticipation of the next morning. And what's better than seeing the children pass one another gifts and sharing?Except for, maybe, a Santa Baby, keeping her little hat on THE ENTIRE MORNING.Later, Claire read to us from her new book from Grandmother and Grandfather, while everyone else worked on keeping Auntie Farrah warm.Miss Claire and I got matching stockings- WHAT a suprise!
Can anything top a bike for Christmas? Maybe...if it's a CHRISTMAS PUPPY! (A PUPPY- can you believe that?!?!)And I truly loved my Christmas gift- a portrait of Rudolph. I believe the medium used was what the experts refer to as "Magic Marker."
And then comes Grandma with her freshly baked orange rolls and Christmas cocoa with REAL whipped cream for breakfast- getting diabeties has never been so delightful!This just made my day. Clarie keeps a journal about her baby sister. It reads: "It's Camille's first Christmas! She got a baby puppy and clothes and a snowman picture from Claire."Now this girl knows how to do a Christmas dinner. Why bother with clothes if you're just going to get pudding pie on them anyway?I think this photo sums up our Christmas morning perfectly:

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