Monday, December 22, 2008

Holidays- Heyyy!

I realize this may not make up for an extended absence, but I want you to know, Friendship IS the most important thing this holiday season.


Michelle said...

Planet unicorn, Heyyy!

where do you find these videos???

f*bomb. said...

It was an embarassingly convoluted route via seeking YouTube for videos of unicorns (one of my most ill-received posts: Don't Touch the Unicorn!) and then I found a link beside "The Last Unicorn" titled, "gay unicorns."
I must admit. That was scary/hard to resist.
So I didn't.
(I figured I could always turn it off if it was frightening.)
Instead, I met the fanciest, funnest three unicorns EVER!
Feathers, Cadillac and TOM CRUISE!
You can find all their videos here if you click on the link titled, "Videos."

Missa said...

is it scary or awesome that when I told my 11 year old to come watch this video and I clicked play she knew the whole theme song...including the gay voices?

k8 said...

this is seriously my favorite thing ever. EVER.