Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Reflection-

In light of my recent travels, I've been reflecting a lot on places I've been and people I've met and how these experiences have moved me, shaped me, humbled and inspired me to do and be more to those around me. I wish everyone had the opportunity to experience the things I've seen and done. I truly believe that if every person in the United States had the chance to spend a significant amount of time working alongside someone else in a developing country, as a people, our culture would be more giving, more understanding, more dilligant, more forgiving, more grateful and more caring.

All material advantages aside, we are all humans and we are all in need of recognition, love and acceptance. The key to this intrinsic need for validation can be found in service; in putting some part of ourselves and offering it unto the world, thereby proving our existance improves and influences someone else's life and thereby changes the world in some small way. If we could all have this kind of experience, I believe we would have greater self-respect when we find respect for others. I believe we would do more and be more for the sake of others in a way that is more fulfilling than simply for our own satisfaction. And by reaching out to others, we offer them the opportuntity to reach back to us. We form a connection, an embrace of cultures, souls, friendship and kindness that translates into a mutally beneficial relationship.

By strengthening one another's weaknesses we form a bond that strenthens us all.

I'm going to post a lot of old stuff, because, let's be honest- Blogg had fallen off the wagon a good two years ago. And it used to be really funny. So. For the three people left who occasionally check, I apologize. I am resolving to do better. And until I do, I may dip into the history books for a while. Hope you're having good thoughts and good feelings as this Christmas season approaches.

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