Monday, September 13, 2010

Talking Out Loud.

Sometimes having a blog to discuss relationship anecdotes isn't enough. Sometimes you have to talk out loud and with other people about it. Especially with other people who are funny.
So I'm doing it.
I'm starting my own show.
And I want YOUR help.
Send me your dating predicaments, relationship conundrums, questions on social propriety, the best songs to break up to, why shoulder pads are being found in fashion or how the hell there's a "SAW VII" in theaters this year. In short, it is a talk show with the sassy, bold, flippant voice (and face!) you've been reading right here. I'll be inviting celebrity guests to co-host and offer advice alongside me, and since this will be on my YouTube channel, I'm specifically seeking YouTube stars. Start finding your favourite YouTube celebrities now and I'll be glad to invite them on to answer your most entertaining questions!

First things first:
I need a name.
Please vote for (or suggest in the Opinions section) your favourite title for my show.

Remember, if you have a great title for a talk show that offers real advice through humor, entertainment news and YouTube stars, please post your suggestions in the comments below! I need a name before the end of the week, so totally pass this survey along and forward it to friends- you know I love Opinions!


radmegan said...

Yay Farrah! I'd totally watch you talk!

f*bomb. said...

Thanks, Megan.
Has anybody ever mentioned that you are rad?...

Veeda said...


The Meesh said...

It's about time! I have so many ridiculous dating situations you could spend your whole show on them. Let me know if you need material!

f*bomb. said...

I've missed you, Meesh! I'd absolutely love to hear more of your thoughts- your comments and experiences have been so touching over the years.
As soon as I get the new site up for the show, I fully expect to see you on it! Send this link on- I could use any great suggestions for names you and friends can think of!


love you fbomb - so my vote went to so totally serious but my preferred name would be.....FOR SERIOUS. :)

f*bomb. said...

Or how about:
Stuff You Tell Me
Talking Out Loud
How Not To Be An Idiot

The success of this blog has been due to stuff people tell me; and usually our conclusions come to how NOT to be an idiot...
So what do you think?

Jenessa said...

Ashley and I got to experience this in real life and you KNOW we're stoked!!! It's going to be awesome!!

Salt H2O said...

how not to be an idiot- like it.