Monday, October 8, 2007


I'm slightly uncomfortable with the amount of personal information available online. People posting "I'm in a relationship," or, "My relationship is complicated," or "I'm single again;"it never fails to shock me that people are broadcasting such personal status- possibly because I'm hardly willing to discuss it even within the relationship itself, let alone to everyone in the e-world. It seems a bit extreme.

With all this TMI floating around, it seems like some people are using it to their advantage. Whether it's self-promotion, validation or desperation...I'm never really quite sure. Either way, it seems unnatural and rather unsatisfying. I've had situations where someone perfectly friendly and fascinating online (even ACTUAL friends) seem almost happier to run home in order to continue our discussion via IM or text, and it confuses me. Since when is constant electronic contact more impressive than actual physical contact?

Call me old fashioned, but I'd rather hold your hand before I exchange e-profiles any day.


Salt H2O said...

The clip is HILARIOUS.

I'm envious of my sister who has facebook during Highschool and College years to keep in contact with friends and roomates. It's such an easy way to keep tabs on people you like buy inevitably loose touch with.

Why do people add people they've never met as friends to their profiles? I've got one 'friend' on facebook whom I've never met, but since we've dated some of the same morons- I call her friend.

f*bomb. said...

I've realized it super-weirds me out when people become too "familiar" with me when we've never actually met- but at the same time (when it's a forum of discussion, like Blogg) I find it absolutely delightful that friends of friends are all having conversations with each other.

It does feel like people are progressively allowing e-contact to substitute for actual time together, and this is what I am uncomfortable with. Like a cowardly way to flirt, or a lazy way to "see and be seen"- of course, I just had to buy a blackberry just so I could manage to send a text, so I'm admittedly behind-the-times.

I have a big, fattie crush on Demetri Martin.

caroline said...

farrah, i totally agree. in every way, i agree. i was about to go on a personal tirade about this, but i decided to just say that you are very ON POINT.

Dainon. said...

A-friggin-men, sista.

Rudie can't fail said...

Yes, this is certainly becoming a problem, especially for the younger generation. This is why NYU held a "Facebook in the Flesh" conference for incoming freshmen to teach them how to talk to each other face to face.

I used to be on LDSlinkup and Myspace, but took my profiles down because of too many unsolicited weirdos. I met some nice normal people too, but the weirdo/normal ratio was like 2.5 to 1. There was some dude from Tulsa who really, REALLY wanted to be my friend, who was the proverbial straw.

f*bomb. said...

Yeah- what's up with that? Like the ones who "punish you" by removing you from their Top 8, or the guy who met you at a party once that one time and now is harassing you because you didn't add him? Because THAT's not creepy...
The internet lets people think they're getting away with behaviour that is socially unacceptable. Kind of like social behaviour at church activities.

Ms. Communication said...

This is slightly different, though not dissimilar, so try it on for e-size. My sister decided to use a blog post to notify people (apparently family included) that she is pregnant. No phone call, no phone call to family members with instructions to pass it on, just a blog post. I happened to check it out one day (she's not a super-active blogger), and found out that way. Am I out of line for thinking that that's weird?

f*bomb. said...

o dear...
Well...I've never gotten pregnant, so I can't imagine what would cause that level of
a) laziness
b) assumptiveness (that everyone would read your blogg)
c) e-celebrity (again- more assumptive than anything).

Maybe she was busy with morning-sickness? umm...Or...Is your family super-competative and would she have been berated had she called each of you out of order?
I am flabberghasted.