Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Costa Rica is:

"Pura Vida!"
baby monkeys fighting
the butterfly farm with no butterflies
old ladies that sit on benches marked, "do not sit on bench."
the grass really IS greener on the other side!
Dalen's car.
watermelon fruit juice
beans & rice are so very nice!
white sand private beach days
car games
waking up to swim
shaking down the mango tree
canopy rides!
living in swimsuits
Korean Legends
sunburns that last all week
Truth or Dare
Hotel Via Poletus- the Sunset Celebration with no sunset
crazy drivers
Broek eats Hailey's candy. All of it.
speed bumps and potholes
trip to Volcano National Park for wildlife. It rained. We saw nothing.
entering the butterfly farm through the exit...
swimming in the rain
high tide
Hailey learns to body surf
skinny dipping. LOTS of skinny dipping.
flashers. (mostly just Whools.)
Dalen kissing the resident frog
CARNIVAL! magic.
salted plantains con limon
Caroline conquers water
Sex Education.
Dalen's polygamist family- the Sistah-Wives!
"Take the picture! Delete it! ...My girlfriend can't see that." -D.
Costa Rican Muffin Top
Water from the well: An Experiment of Faith.
Cow balls in soup. Yum.
Beautiful children everywhere.
"I have no pants on!" -Whoolia
night calisthenics
spin the bottle
"It's everybody's birthday sometime!" -boys
crazy neighbour dogs
rock tile showers
"Got any schrapnal?" -Dalen
Hump-back cows. How did we not get ANY pictures of those?!?!
"Me and Julio, down by the schoolyard."

"Sexual. A lot." -Caroline
Rachel's lapdance
Caroline and her Korean crew.
cheese puffs- twisted!
SPF 50 is the only way to NOT get burned
flooding at the gates
meet our mini-ants. "hellooo!"
model shots
freckles from the canopy mudlines
CRISTAL. ALL. day. long.
The Arenal Dome- 5 times!
big, buff, floating Jesus. AMEN.
pretty church music
invitation to see horses that never were
rain at 3 o'clock on the daily
boobs. lots of boobs. lots of boob talk. lots of boob flashing.


Jillian said...

I know pics don't really mean much unless they are your own...but this very well could have been your humpback cow.


Jillian said...

Wait...I don't think that link will work. Sorry.

But know that I have a good pic of a Costa Rican humpback cow, good intentions and that's about it.

caroline said...

spf 50 sunblock is a good way to to not get sunburned unless all the tan/asian people use it up so white girl gets melted by the sun.

i'm just saying.

f*bomb. said...

If it makes you feel any better, I suddenly and inexplicably began peeling all over my shoulders and arms today.