Thursday, June 19, 2008

My View.

Let me put this clearly: I hate "The View." The one pretty girl is an uptight showpony and the others are petty, miserly and crude (when they can manage an act) in an attempt to be "real" and "charmingly candid." Today at the gym, though, I saw that the guest was Michelle Obama. Not only was there no "Law & Order" on, but was I curious to hear what the potential future first lady had to say, so really, the timing was perfect.

Michelle Obama has been described as the next Jacqueline Kennedy. She has also been accused of being anti-American and racist. She's a role model. A mother of two. A lawyer. She's also the wife to potentially our first African-American President. So...clearly, this is woman who will have some interesting things to say.

Immediately I knew I liked her. Really. A lot. She sometimes wears designer, and she sometimes wears a simple dress from
White House/Black Market and "you put a little pin on it and you got something going on!" She's refreshingly honest- and I mean in the sincere, realistic way- not "The View" manufactured-to-look-casual way. She laughs about her mornings- that her husband doesn't understand how she needs more than 20 minutes to get out the door when she's got her hair and makeup to fix in the morning, PLUS 2 girls to preen. She quotes her own 10 year old daughter with pride and candor, who cleverly responded to a nosey reporter on being in the spotlight, "Those people aren't here to see me. I'm just a kid...I can't pass any laws!...They just think I'm cute."

She intelligently and kindly discusses diversity and racism, her feelings on family as well as her pride in the electorate process of our country. And what does this roundtable of "diverse" and supposedly intelligent women take her?


"I'm wearing pantyhose to show respect today, but...YOU're not wearing any pantyhose!"
Followed by an ear-bleedingly phony discussion on hose.

And they wonder why no one takes them seriously.

Mrs. Obama, I'm in your corner. If this is what it means to be elitist, thank you for not stooping to their level.


Salt H2O said...

I also loathe the view. It makes women look stupid.

The marketing of Michelle has been interesting to watch. This was a smart move on her part as some one who has been potrayed as being harsh.

Indeed, they are very much trying to be 'camelot with a tan'.

I'd be interested to see if the ladies of the view will welcome Cindy McCain as well.

Tannerama said...

Wait. You mean she talks about how women take a long time to get ready? And how it is hard to be a mother? Holy crap. Next thing you know she'll be talking about how she likes to shop. Women be shoppin'!!! Am I right fellas?

Anonymous said...

I tried to watch the video clip when, of their own accord, my hands suddenly reached up to my face to claw out my eyeballs. I had to scramble (with a 3rd appendage, apparently) to stop the clip before it was too late.