Wednesday, July 9, 2008

True Life.

Is it ironic that now that I have all this time on my hands, I have no time to write?
I don't like writing so much about myself or my real life- I like to stick to the theoretics of life and (for the few people who actually read) most people seem to like when I dissect their relationship issues in my simplistic, smarmry way. So I try to do that.

Here's the bullet points. I'll fill in the blanks later.
* I am living in LA for July while my friend is out of town.
* My car was broken into, so I am already missing my bluetooth and GPS. Sadly, the deductable outweighs what was stolen. It figures I'd get robbed within 24 hours and that they'd take the TWO THINGS I really truly need to survive in LA. Ah well. I hear transients steal to hawk it on the streets for $50, so maybe I can find a transient who will sell back my GPS for $50.
* I need a job that doesn't make me want to cry. Something that is interesting and challenging and that will afford me an apartment in Los Angeles.
* If I don't get a kickass job in LA, I'm moving to Korea/Japan/Hong Kong to teach English in August/September. I figure in the year I'm gone, the economy may buck up a little and I'll be able to find something I actually want to do.
* The plan to get my Master's is still on the table because I would eventually like to teach at a Jr College. But I need to figure out where I'm living and how I'll pay for said education.

So. Master's and guitar lessons- they're still on the list, but I need a home first. And before the home, I guess I need a job.
In the meanwhile, I'm having a fabulous time.


cropstar said...

If you do go teach english I'm TOTALLY coming to visit you!

And don't worry- if you stay in LA I'll totally come visit you too :)

Rudie can't fail said...

If you are seriously considering moving to Asia to teach English, you may find this interesting:

It is the blog of an LDS girl currently teaching in Seoul.

f*bomb. said...

You should probably know that if I end up having downtime between teh end of July and Korea/China/Japan, I plan to camp out at your house until they ship me out! PREPARE YOURSELF.

THANK YOU, Rudy! Resourceful, as always! If you know of anyone who's teaching in Hong Kong (I'd really prefer HK), I'd love to be in touch with them- firsthand experiences are always going to be the most reliable. Thank you!

Anonymous said...
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Miriam Oh said...

I guess you didn't get the "How to avoid the mistakes of being an LA newbie" handbook when you entered the city. Here's my advice:
- leave nothing of value visible in your car
- read parking signs
- get used to traffic