Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Did I ever mention how I'm friends with Moby?
We met at a Christmas party in New York a few years ago and talked about the gospel for a few hours. He gave me his phone number and sometimes he sends me random emails of pictures of dogs or people I don't know or of his roof garden.
I just heard he is playing a set at KCRW tomorrow night- you should listen. He is nice.

I emailed him this morning when I heard the news. Here's what he had to say in return:
yup, i'll be in l.a for...a day.
landing, playing the show, then leaving.
so, alas, no time for salad.
but i'll be back soon!


cropstar said...

jealous. i am jealous.

Kat said...


Dainon. said...

Name dropper.