Thursday, June 5, 2008

Costa Rica SOUNDS Like:

"You're WELCOME." -f.
"Oh...Those are just our bugs that hang out on the counter. You would've known that if you'd been here for the past 2 days. Don't worry, Broek, you'll catch on." -Rachel.
"Crumpleface!" -Rachel
"Pull my finger..." -everyone. A little too often, if you ask me...
"SNORE instead of SNORT!" -Hailey
"Look at my cankle." Caroline
"All of our legs look the same!" -The Koreans
"We're outnumbered!" -Rachel
"I don't really know those guys." -Dalen vouches for Julio and Claudio when we invite them home to cook plantaines
"O-$#!%." -everyone. Depending on who was driving. (sorry.)
"Bare your boobs proudly." -Rachel (of course.)
"I will cut you." -Caroline

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caroline said...

my cankle is gone now, if you are curious.