Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I need your input.
Here are my current options:
1) Move into a dirty shoebox 2 bed/1 bath apartment a little further South than I'd like to be, but that has great closets and a huge bedroom with a teeny livingroom/dining/kitchen area and it's only $750, OR
2) Stay in the darling apartment I am in for another month, help out with rent for my friend who's letting me stay here while she's out of town for the next month and hope and pray that I find a job that will afford me another place to live and find an adequate roommate by the end of next month (this costs $850 plus $50 a month for storage), OR
3) Move temporarily into the cheap place, get settled and hold out for a good roommate and good job indefinitely.
There are a lot of people who will be moving next month (so I hear) and I did find quite a few nice, spacious apartments with double masters for $900 each...So far, most people have said to hold out for a great job to know what area I should live in, but I suspect that- even if the job is in Downtown, I will still want to live in Santa Monica/The West Side.
I don't know.
Where do I go from here?


Amy said...

I like option 2 the best.

rachel lee said...

Move to Utah. Hang out with me and Care. For $400 a month.

cropstar said...

I say #3.

Salt H2O said...

What happened to teaching English in Asia. I opt for that. Any option that involves moving to a different country has my vote.

Krista said...

My vote is definitely #3. I think that if you begin the process of moving forward, things will begin to fall into place for you (even if that means living in a less-than-desireable place for a while).

Tamara Atkin said...

Hey number one daughter, long time no see. I always love to give an opinion, so here is what I say - Hold out. You like where you are and no one should ever have to live in a dirty shoe. Especially if you'll only save a hundred bucks. A yucky environment can really be a drag on a person. You'll probably spend all the money you save on medication to re-chipper yourself. Save a step and live where the birds sing. I have been keeping tabs on you through your blog, even though you probably think I fell off the planet. I am also writing to tell you that I now have a blog too. The site is atkinplanet.blogspot and I am not too good at it so far.

KEL said...

Take it from someone who moves a lot, moving is hard on the body and soul. Give yourself another month to find that job/apartment of your dreams even if it's an extra $100. You've got a place to stay. Then go teach English in Prague!