Thursday, August 7, 2008

Stomach Contents.

I ran around all day and here are the stomach contents:
7am- no time for breakfast.
12pm- on the way to job interview3pm- no time to stop for lunch. Random twinkie on counter.6pm- running back and forth- best to at least eat SOMETHING rather than self-cannibalize. It wasn't even as good as it looks (and it looks bad). Plus, I ate it in the car, so most of it ended up on my white button down "interview" shirt.

8pm- hanging with a friend- random twinkie on counter. x2. A few leftover chips and a couple pieces of candy left over from a party.
10pm- a perfect way to end the night. I did end up in Pasadena first, but that seems typical when I'm looking for a concert in Silverlake. Go figgure. I don't drink alcohol, so here's what was left at the bar-12midnight. Too late to eat anything reasonable. Tomorrow will just have to be a better day.

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