Friday, October 31, 2008

The First Response-

I for one applaud Farrah for having the courage to state her opinion among a group I assume mostly disagrees with her, and furthermore to back her opinion with a well thought-out and compassionate argument. I did not find Farrah's argument convoluted at all, even though I've not personally validated them. There is even precedent mentioned in Canada and Boston to add strength to her argument, which any of us could look up.

As with intellectual discussion, nobody on here has to agree with Farrah. What we should strive for is clarity on where we disagree through respectful and elevated discourse such as this. This is democracy.

I support prop 8 as well. But I will add that I fully support same-sex couples who seal their relationships and make them sacred and monogomous as married straight couples do. I fully support equal legal rights, including adoption. California, fortunately, already grants domestic partner registration and it absolutely should. (For those who know me, you know I may someday make use of domestic partnership registration myself.) But I do stop short of redefining marriage.

I understand Bradley and others being scared shitless by this. For those bigots who support prop 8 out of hatred towards gays, I have nothing but hate right back at them. I hope it makes it a little less scary to know that a majority of people in this country (according to past polls I've seen) feel equal rights should be granted to same-sex couples, i.e. these people are not coming from a place of hate. They are just unwilling for various reasons, like Farrah and me, to redefine marriage.


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