Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Making Love.

It's official.

After just over a year of deep, deep love, iPod and I have finally taken things one step further. We had a baby.

Isn't he cute? Totally precious.
And SO strong...I took my new baby to the gym the very next day, not certain of how well we would do together and slightly nerveous about my inexperience with such a tiny little gift of joy, but- and this is impartial- WOW. Did baby-love come as a chip off the old block or WHAT!?! I mean, kicking it off with some LL, to Madonna, some Under the Influence of Giants...my baby knew EXACTLY what I like!

Any suggestions for what I should get my new baby? You know how I do love a playlist- tell me what new music is out that I cannot be without!


camden said...

That's easy. This has been in heavy rotation lately.

Amy said...

Farrah, do you subscribe to Paste? If not, holy cow, you are missing out. Best twenty bucks you'll spend. The magazine comes with a CD of new music every month and it's ALWAYS good!

nephi said...

i had my first about nine months ago and i dig it. my blog comes standard with a suggestion box at the top. peruse liberally, you liberal peruser.

f*bomb. said...

Are you even kidding me?!?! I got hooked on NephiTunes for like, NINE HOURS STRAIGHT online.
You've taken over my car.
Now you own my desk.