Thursday, April 10, 2008

Together Forever.

I've had friends interested in helping out a bit with upcoming events and work I have moving forward with Shameless Self-Promotions. There are some fantastic opportunities coming up in partnering with a magazine's quarterly issue launch (attaching benefit events to each issue), fashion shows linked to women's issues and poverty and (most pressing) an invitation to supply the musical talent for a local UC's Care-A-Thon.

Mtv's Americas Best Dance Crew will be there, and I'd love to find some musical talent equal to what the University has brought in! If you have any ideas for talent, suggestions, or contacts in the music industry local to LA/Orange County, let me know! Otherwise, I'll be stuck looking up my favourite 80's has-beens to try and work in a dance number of my own...

One last queerie:

How has someone not turned this into a church video?

You'd think the missionaries would get ON that! ...And I swear, the obsession stops next week. Right Rachel?
Happy Weekend.


caroline said...

tell the jabbawockeez that i love them. and see if they will dance fight someone for me. on my list of things to happen before i die, one of them happens to be that there is some sort of dance fight for my love or honor or something like that.

f*bomb. said...

I would dance fight for your love ANY DAY.


julia said...

count me in on helping this summer/fall. i mean, we'll practically be neighbors, the least i can do is help. and bring baked goods.

f*bomb. said...

Baked goods are always welcome additions to any charitable event! Especially when the needy is MY HUNGRY BELLY.

Anonymous said...

Hey there. My friend Jill told me about your event.. are you still looking for bands? I'd love to take part!