Friday, May 30, 2008


May 17. 2008

"You can plan all you want, but at a certain point, you just have to realize it's out of your control and you have to let go." So my friend's husband says in talking about how his military training has affected his perspective on life.
15 minutes later, I missed my flight.

I had done all I could do- planned further in advance as I ever have for anything; purchasing a ticket months before the flight date, looking at maps, talking with experienced travelers to Costa Rica, timetabling the girls on our trip, packing and re-sorting 3 times, arriving in LA a day before the flight so not to risk the traffic from Orange County, waking up at 7am so I would be sure to drop the car off at Julia's so we'd be sure to head to the airport no later than 8:15am. And still- after all this- when we pulled up the airport just 1 hour prior to our flight, I realized:

In my urgency to make certain it would not be misplaced, I left it on the cupholder of my car.


Liz said...

This post makes my sides ache and my eyes cry a little. Man oh man!

Vanilla Vice said...

AMAZING. I have nightmares about that kind of stuff. Fortunately it's never happened to me. You're living proof one day it probably will...