Monday, May 12, 2008

The Wait is Over!

Thanks to Krista, I've learned that, "The Wait Is OVER!" Apparently I've been waiting for this- and I'm sure you have, too- and it's happening May 15!
So far, it looks like most of their tour is based in Boston (lucky Katie!) and it makes me proud to see they're not wussing out and kicking it like "NKOTB" (which I always resented as a moniker because it required me to have to think too hard to get the initials correct). I loved the New Kids when they WERE new...apparently they got much edgier and cooler by the time the NKOTB phase of "Hangin' Tough." I didn't like them rough, those New Kids. I liked the soft, sad pleadings of "Please Don't Go Girl," so reminiscent of the Four Tops or other MoTown crooners, or the pure pop-joy of, "I Wanna Be Loved By You," and the playfulness of their first album's singsong-y introductions.

Will the world ever tire of poorly choreographed manboys with harmonizing falsettos in matching outfits? Lord. I sure hope not.


Krista said...

Just in case you were wondering..... I just purchased their new single that came out TODAY on Itunes.... called "Summertime." And the song is fabulous! Takes me right back to the summer of '91, the height of NKOTB. I'll burn you a copy. You can thank me later.

f*bomb. said...


What would I ever do without you? Honestly. Probably just listening to Motown instead of kickin' it oldskool, yo. THAT'S WHAT.

Salt H2O said...

I'm surprized they didn't just go by NKOTB. It's so much more mature.

CoCo said...

For my 10th birthday I was the lucky girl that got to invite her three closest friends to a New Kids concert. My terrific Dad chaperoned and conveniently hooked us up with tickets for the suite so my heart not only figuratively hovered above the stage, my shy screams did too!

Do I dare admit that one concert was not enough?! Yup, I also went to the Funky Funky Christmas show.