Monday, January 7, 2008

I Had A Dream.

Last night I had a dream. I was in the marketing department for Mattel, and they needed a new image. I came up with Career BarbieTM. Someone capeable and intelligent, who we can respect and admire. "Giving girls an image they can work toward!" The launch of Career BarbieTM included a presentation and a fashion show (Fireman BarbieTM was my favourite), followed by the biggest lawn picnic you ever did see. Complete with pink lemonade in champagne flutes. It was a delight. Everyone was there. I saw Lucy Liu and Lisa Ling, waved to Martin Scorcese, YOU were there, a ton of people from Huntington Beach, old neighbours, old friends- it was great. I ran through the grassy knolls in my puffy fushia sparkly ballgown and tennies with my pink lemonade champagne and I had a splendid time.
When my alarm clock when off, I leapt straight from the grass to my desk and plink! turned it off to start a BRAND NEW DAY!

Does anyone else wake up this excited? And does this mean I need to work for Mattel?

Judge me all you want. I genuinely love this song.


cropstar said...

if it was socially acceptable i would still be playing barbies everyday in my playroom at home. i'm super jealous of your dream.
i secretly love that song too... if nothing more than it was endeared to me when, as a missionary, we were karaoke-ing to this song at a members house (i know, i know) and suddenly realized how inappropriate it was for us to be singing this ("undress me everywhere" hah!)and so relieved that none of them understood english well enough to get what the song was about. and then we sang billy jean with the district president and it was amazing.

Salt H2O said...

who doesn't love Aqua?

f*bomb. said...

I realized after posting these pictures that I HAVE THOSE OUTFITS. Slightly different variations of each, but would anyone be surprised that I have a lepord fur coat and matching hat? And purse...? Anyone? Anyone?
And they say she's not a role model!