Thursday, January 31, 2008


Lake Atitlan is surrounded by volcanos:

And these are considered "The Waters of Mormon." It felt more like an ocean than a lake...
Horseback riding is one of my favourite treats EVER. So I went. A lot.

Thankfully, Love and Leo like horseback riding, too, so I got to go AGAIN!
And then somehow we ended up in Hondouras together...4 hours NORTH of where our bus was supposed to take us.
Snorkeling was the hilight of The Bay Islands. It was great, but she wouldn't let me touch the barracuda!

My painting lessons with San Pedro artisan, Gasper. He is a delight. Come over and see my representation of Lake Atitlan sometime!

So, I love Canadians, and I love Australians- what a deal that we were ALL on the plane together! We were BFF by the time we finished dinner and dancing.

These are some of our best little friends- Mercedes, Cecilia, and their little family. Their mom made a dress especially for me!

Where much is given...
Alyson's "Nail Polish Project"- empowering women by providing women with the tools they need to start their own business. In this case, foot massage and pedicures by the side of the road!

I love Graffiti Art. And I love it when it rings true.


cropstar said...

Awesome! I'm beyond jealous right now.

Salt H2O said...

UH HOTTIES! HELLO! Love and Leo are ridiculously good looking

f*bomb. said...

I cannot even describe what joy it is to wake up with them. Shirtless. In bed.
This was the best vacation EVER.