Monday, January 28, 2008

Fill Me In. I've been gone a few weeks, all this true? What's going on here?
First I hear that Heath Ledger overdosed and now I hear something about President Hinkley passing away? The Kennedys are endorsing Barack Obama? Landslide over Clinton in Southern California? Can someone please get me up to speed? What's going on here, America?


clark kent reporting said...

Yes. Heath has left us, they are currently saying cardiac arrest, coroner said the blood toxicity levels were too low to cause an overdose.

Yes the Kennedys are backing Obama, not sure if all of them are but most of them.

California's primary isn't until "Super-duper (or Tsunami) Tuesday" Feb 5 2008, but in South Carolina's Saturday primary Obama whooped Hillary grabbing 55% of the votes there compared to Hil's 27%.

And most importantly, President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away around 7pm Sunday evening "of causes incident to age.", he was surrounded by family. He was 97.

f*bomb. said...

Seriously, Clark, this is going to sound smug, but I honestly mean it:
Thank you.
It's really weird coming back to the country and hearing the "State of the Union" and piecing together what's happened here over the last few weeks. Thank you!

The Dally Llama said...

What's going on is that America is tired of politics as usual. People are itching for new blood, and Clinton is pretty much tainted by the fact that she's the quintessential beltway insider that everyone is tired of. So Obama is picking up all kinds of momentum.

The funny thing will be, if Obama wins the presidency, to watch him reverse course after 4 years and tout the importance of his experience, and dismiss challengers with little experience in an effort to thwart off any rising star challengers trying to beat him at his game.

Huckabee has (thankfully) dropped off the map, and Guliani is about to pull the same exit stage left.

There. Now you're back up to speed.

Salt H2O said...

Yeah, you leave the country and the world turns upside down! Imagine what would happen to the US if you DID move to Austrailia!

f*bomb. said...

It's true, it's true. The world would no longer turn on it's axis.

I'm not ruling out Australia, though. I'll call you when I get my phone replaced...