Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Class It UP: '007

So every year I devise a theme. Resolutions seem so corporate. And I don't believe in taking away from my life ("I'm going to lose 15 lbs, I will stop this and never do that, etc...") Rather, I like to ADD to my life; one year I decided to drink 100 ounces of water daily (it's SO great for you!), another time I said I would always make any meeting outside my house into an occasion- no hats, no grubbies- you deserve me to dress for the event of being in your presence. Even if it's at McDonald's.* Last year, the theme was "Class it UP: '007." And let's face it: It was high time for the upgrade. How did I do on my goals? Well, let's see:

First off, I went from my 1984 walkman that eats batteries like it's going out of style for a sleek, gorgeous, dynamic-looking iPod. It was love at first listen. What a way to kick off '007. But I still have old faithful. She's a relic and I love her. And those mix-tapes are GOLD.

For the first time ever, I bought products. Usually I just survive off of whatever my friends are throwing out to determine what goes in my hair, on my face, or in my mouth. (That last one still stands, but you know, "Waste Not, Want Not." It's a classic phrase.) Thank you,

Instead of hoofing it for free out in the great wide open gorgeous, temperate beaches of Orange County, the obligatory Southern California gym pass is a part of my daily routine. Which is good, because I don't like to run in conditions (ie: -60 degree weather, rain, drizzle, fog, or sunsets before 5pm). $24 for a 24 Hour Gym that will accompany my insomnia? Excellent. It has also helped me to overcome my fear of public sweating (I don't mind sweating in public- it's OTHER people collectively sweating that makes me rather nervous). So that's a step away from massive germaphobia. Progress. Granted, my trainer determined I should lose 10 lbs in 8 weeks, to which I seriously questioned if it were necessary for a size 4 woman to lose 10 lbs, and isn't that totally unhealthy and unreasonable as an expectation for someone with boobs she didn't have to purchase? Questionable.

Blackberry and Magellan have changed my life by improving my efficiency level exponentially. You have no idea how much time I lost before by driving around in circles (if you've ever been in the passenger seat, you know what I mean) and now I can actually keep track of birthdays, addresses, anniversaries...You know. In case I ever decide to actually send a card or something crazy like that.

While journaling has never been a strong suit of mine, friends were rather persistent about beginning a blog. Since Blogg was born, I have found your responses fascinating, and the opportunity to write frequently about relevant issues in our lives has been terribly interesting. Mostly I just like telling strangers what to do. I've continued my policy to leave the country at least once a year and celebrated thirty-fun and Thanksgiving in Guatemala, which was pretty excellent.

Thanks to year-end-sales, I even hit my mark of finally finding suits that don't make me feel totally stuffy and lame and boring. Congratulations, United Colours of Benetton; add me to your list of suckers. I swear; you go in for ONE brown pencil skirt and walk out with three 3-piece suits and a sweater dress that could quite possibly get me to travel somewhere where gigantic sweater dresses are required. Possibly.

So yeah, basically '007 changed my life. Thanks for the memories.
* For more complete listings of prior annual themes, please note the journal pages. I hope you find inspiration and rejuvenation in living your best life.


Salt H2O said...

I like your version of resolutions. So what's '08's theme?

f*bomb. said...

Live Fully: '08
Do all the things I've put off doing because I was intimidated or scared. Learn an instrument, take a language, take a class at the gym; all those things I HAVEN'T done because I just didn't think it was my thing, but I know it would enrich my life. So. Live FULLY: '08.

Liz said...

I love your blog!