Tuesday, November 13, 2007


One of the worst parts of my job is that I spend approximately 4-8 hours a day in traffic. One of the best parts of my day is that I can listen to Nic Harcourt as I sit in traffic. And I hear interviews of fascinating people and artists I like play live in the studio. Artists like STARS:

They're really good. But I've always been partial to Canadians. "Take me to the Riot" is a great song- one I found myself singing along to at the top of my lungs in the car, but the video isn't nearly as good as the one I posted (the title of "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" is better anyway).

Any other suggestions for new bands we probably aren't listening to yet?


Dainon. said...

The Swell Season.

linds said...

No suggestions. But today I wanted to kill myself because of traffic. It took me twice as long to get to work today. I was so frustrated.

Tannerama said...

"When there is nothing left to burn, you've got to set yourself on fire."

I really prefer Elevator Love Letter, and Ageless Beauty.

The list of awesome Canadian bands is quite lengthy. Off the top of my head: Stars, Chromeo, Arcade Fire, New Pornographers... I'm sure the list goes on and on. But those bands are pretty freaking great.

Tannerama said...

Also, My band suggestion is Black Kids. They are unsigned. But they are fantastic. You can download their demo on their myspace page.

caroline said...

you could check out my rockstar conquest "walter meego"

i'm loving jason schwartzman's band "coconut records"

these guys aren't brand spanking new or anything but i've been liking "honeycut" "datarock" and "the dears" a lot lately.

caroline said...

also, "great lake simmers" are pretty dreamy

f*bomb. said...

Jason Swartzman's got ANOTHER band?!?! That guy is busy for someone who looks like he fell off the turnip truck.
Nice one, CK. NICE.

veeda said...

they really aren't a new band, but Mei recommends lcd soundsystem. she LOVES them in the car.

Broek said...

Stars, very base-y, love that.

Junior Boys... newer than Stars but not NEW new. Canadian too. "In the Morning" is a favored song.

The Blow. I think she's Oregon based, but if you ignore Washington it's basically Canada.

Calvin Harris. "The Girls"

Free Blood. "The Royal Family"

f*bomb. said...

My friends are so hip.
And their babies are even hipper.
How do you like that?

caroline said...

jim noir

jens lekman


all happy mellow music.