Monday, November 12, 2007

Bitten by the Bug- AGAIN.

Tonight my friend informed me that he's still running 5 days a week; he is still on track with his New Year's Resolution. My New Year's Resolution was "Class it UP: '007." As in, it's time for me to upgrade my lifestyle. I am finally growing into my big-girl shoes. (As in, ones not bought in stores called "3 Pairs for $24!") I'm buying suits and growing out of the everyday habit of knit dresses (although the ones from SJPs new BITTEN line fit like a glove, so I feel confident in the fact they were under $30 total. I plan to get them in every colour). And, in keeping with tradition, I am still leaving the country at least once a year. Thanks to the Hunk O'Funk, this year, it's to the Guat! It's less than $500 for a few days in Guatemala, and I couldn't be more thrilled with the timing. We leave Wednesday, November 21st (how's THAT for the most exciting birthday EVER!?!) and I'll come back...well...Whenever I FEEL like coming back. But seriously. You should get your tickets at Delta. Superclassy non-stop flights with in-flight service (I think this means I'll finally get to see the blockbuster movies I've been putting off seeing) and our first day we'll be hiking through jungle to flowing, hot molten LAVA. How rad is that?!?! Seriously. If it is at all within your means or power to do so, I seriously suggest you grab your flight. They really are that cheap. I just bought mine today, and it's midnight!
Now, most of you may know I've been wanting and dreaming and HOPING to go to India for my birthday/Thanksgiving holiday, but guess what? This year, India is coming to US! So, if you aren't joining me for the Guat, I hope you'll let me take you to India on Saturday, November 18th. The India-fest will be hitting the OC this weekend! Wouldn't that just be the best? Let's all go to India together!!!
Maybe later some of us can hit Paris and have dinner at Le Creperie in Long Beach and then I'll hook up with you rock stars to hit the Kareoke bars of Japan at Elvis Kareoke in Costa Mesa. It's the INTERNATIONAL birthday- and I want YOU by my side to celebrate it in style.


Rudie can't fail said...

I was in Guat on Thanksgiving 2 years ago. For Thanksgiving dinner I had "chicken cordon bleu" which was a grilled chicken breast topped with a thin slice of cold-cut ham and a single slice of processed American cheese. Un-melted. Fantastic.

You need to go to Tikal. Tikal=Awesome. If you go, find Ceasar, they guy who runs the tour guide shack in the middle of the parking lot. Take the early morning tour from him. Ask him who built the ruins, and what he thinks about the Mormons and their theory. I guarantee you an entertaining answer. (Although maybe our theory has changed with the recent change to the intro to the B of M. Hmmm...)

f*bomb. said...

The Coop is IN.
Anyone else? Beuller? Beuller?

f*bomb. said...

Rudie- We are most definately hitting Tikal. I would not miss canoing and rampant Myan jungle-fevah for ANYTHING.

Dainon. said...

Guatemela is definitely in my future. When my friend Brooks said he wanted to go on a trip and I suggested he pick someplace warm, Guatemala was his response. So it's gonna happen. Might have wait until next year tho.


f*bomb. said...

Talk is cheap, Dainon.
I want you on that plane. GOT IT?

Treasure said...

I will go anywhere where I can spend a buck and have it actually be worth more than the equivalent of 39 cents. Whahtaymala is perfecto.

f*bomb. said...

The Guat IS perfect!
It is ultra-glam at it's cheapest!
One clap for the Guat!