Friday, May 8, 2009

Doing It.

Looks like I'm going Vegan.
A dear friend of mine has been struggling with her ovaries in a multitude of ways, and now her mother-in-law has offered to cure her endometriosis through vegan-ism.
me: Are you serious?
she: Yup. And I've committed to it.
me: "Committed to it." How do you mean?
she: I met with a healer.
me: Of course you did.
she: And the Healer asked if I wanted to have surgery again. And I said, "no." And the healer asked if I would commit to getting better. Whatever it takes. So. Whatever it takes. But nothing I make can have more than 5 ingredients, because I just won't do it. And I told her that if I was going to do this, I needed to have an end point. So 3 months is it. I'm doing it for 3 months.
Keep in mind, she is not in the habit of doing more than ordering from a menu or pouring instant pancakes, so this is a daunting task. Aren't you glad you have such a thing as mother-in-laws and healers? It warms me just to think they really do exist. And as any good friend would do, I offered to pony up with her and vegan it myself for the next 3 months. In response to this, another friend asked, "So she's doing this why?" Because she can't conceive. "Are you trying to conceive?" I'm doing my damnedest!
So yeah. Fellas. I'm taking my prenatals AND now I'm vegan. This body is PREPPED. Plus, there's that sign I left up of my number in the boy's bathroom. So. Any minute now...

It's only been two days since I committed to becoming vegan. So far, I've thrown out the melon that's been sitting in my fridge for 3 weeks and the cucumber that's gone soft over the last week along with the spinach that's now sort of yellowing around the edges. But the frozen atomic blueberry muffins from Costco that keep making me sick are on their way out. I had one yesterday and another for breakfast. And once I plow through the rest of my frozen chicken, pork dumplings and spinach ravioli, it's all veggies and Cheerios with soy milk from here!
Are you with me?


Salt H2O said...

You know what else is all the rage right now- Gluten Free diets. It's suppose to ALSO be a healing diet.

But if you were to be Gluten Free AND Vegan I think you'd be living off of celery and cabbage.

V.I.C.K.I. said...

Ha! I love this! And what a grand friend you are for being a vegan too. I too believe, like the gluten free diet, this is a bit of a fad- sort of like South Beach. But why not? Why NOT? Big kiss.

f*bomb. said...

I will never, ever, EVER live off of celery and lettuce.
Mostly (as someone who can have cold cereal 3 times a day) I think it's wise for this gal to start eating fruits and vegatables. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?
It's called "basic nutrition" people! Let's do it. Let's get it on.