Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Second Chances.

Recently my dear friend and incredible writer, K8, invited me to participate in a group project she's creating where we write a letter to our 16-year old selves. Whether that's advice on the boy who just broke your heart or an assurance that getting a "c" in math will not destroy your chances for college, so please for the love, child, stop beating yourself up already; write it down to yourself.

In under-related news, I just saw the movie "17 Again," which, shocking as it is, I did NOT see because of the Zac Efron poster. The title reminded me of the show which began my Matthew Perry obsession in the early 80s called something like, Sixteen Again. And when I realized Matthew Perry would be IN 17 Again- YES, I knew had to see it.

Let's just say, I laughed so hard, my stomach still hurt the next morning.


V.I.C.K.I. said...

I went to 17 Again with my mom and I loved it so much I'm going to buy it when it comes out. And yes, I did see it for Zac. He's a dream.

f*bomb. said...

YOU are a dream.
And how much did you love the gratuitous rewinds of multiple "cool Zac" montage?
Worth the ticket alone.