Friday, May 15, 2009

You're Killin' Me, Ho.

In keeping with National Poetry Month, I've taken down to writing poetry. It's awful, so you worry, you won't be getting any here, but I will say this:

Why is the music at the gym so f*ing bad?!!? All the music played in all of the classes pretty much makes me want to have a brain hemmorage. I swear. All I can think is what the f*ing hell are these instructors thinking? I mean, is it not enough for you that you have our undivided attention and a roomful of people who are doing all they can do to follow your lead, but then you have to force us to listen to awful and unnecessarily re-mixed and up-tempo'd club music? How can anyone feel okay about forcing that many people to listen to re-mixed Britney Spears, songs about ho's, hittin' it, and being Fergalicious? Every. Single. Week.

So while I may be an awful poet, maybe the inspiration for all this expression is coming from the torrid world of bad pop music. Maybe this just means I'll become a pop star. Instead of just a really trite excuse for a poet.

My instructors have been asking for suggestions. I believe this is in reference to what areas of the body we should work on. I'm at the point where my primary request is to work on my ears. Any suggestions on what you like to sweat to?


KEL said...

I've heard Zero 7 is good for yoga and the like. But when I actually want to move? Well, it depends. The Chemical Brothers kind of do it for me though.

f*bomb. said...

I don't do yoga OR the like.
The Chemical Brothers do it for me, too.
I just keep hearing The Gorillaz and Arcade Fire in my head. It would be sooo much better than Britney Spears.