Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mom Stands Up For Manners.

My friend, Veeda, is a brilliant writer (see: The Veeda Weekly or Cancer Candy). Her latest endeavour is to win a trip to New York with Borders and Mitch Albom. Let's help her win it.*

Mom Stands Up For Manners
It was a dirty joke that threatened my place in the dining room that night. Landing a coveted spot at the grown-ups table was unheard of, but that night I was miraculously upgraded to join my parents’ entourage. I was given strict instructions: keep my elbows off the table; say “please”; and chew with my mouth closed.

After the plates were cleared, a dinner guest started into a saucy description of a woman’s dress. My mom coughed. Dad glanced in my direction. The guest stopped his comments. Turning to his left, the man noticed the 8-year-old girl seated beside him.

“Oh, there’s a kid in the room!” he boomed. He cocked his head towards me and winked. “Well honey. Maybe it’s time you went and played with your toys so the grown-ups can have more adult conversation.”

I was crestfallen. I was polite to the point of frustration the entire evening. I said “thank you,” for vegetables I wasn’t thankful for. “Excuse me” when I knocked over my water and “please pass the salt” when mom caught me reaching. All these good manners wasted by someone else’s bad behavior.

I started to vacate my beloved seat when Mom stood up first. “If it’s inappropriate for my daughter to hear, then it’s probably not best at this table,” she said. She stood behind me and placed her hands on my shoulder. “Veeda, why don’t you tell everyone about the story you wrote in school?” she said. “After you finish come help me get dessert in the kitchen.”

Excited to remain at the big table I told my tale of the princess and the dragon. Mom gave me the spotlight that night for a brief second and the feeling of love for a lifetime.

*You probably have to do something zany like register with Borders, but it's worth it if we can send the Veeda to NYC. Her mother would agree.


veeda said...

dang you farrah. you are too kind! (Just right now I am telling Brendan how nice I think you are, and he totally agrees)

f*bomb. said...

aaahhh! Well- I love you guys, too! Big hugs to the family!

What's the word on the essay? Can people actually even FIND it to vote? (It may have been easier to hunt a yetti. Damn you, Borders. Damn you.)