Thursday, April 5, 2007

Speaking of Fictitious 80s Experiences-

Katie Rose's favourite part of this video were the hip thrusts. Mine is that undeniable synthasizer beat...And Hugh Grant.* sigh. Everything I could ever want from a fictional band from the 80s.
I like to play this song as I browse last weekend's Awesomely Bad Prom Photos. It just adds so much texture to the experience. Listening to/Watching this video is like a "Where's Waldo" of pure 80's heaven. The amazing choreography and swizzle-hand motions, the hi-tech split-screen action, the puffy pirate shirt...And did I mention the outstanding keyboard action? I'm a sucker for rhythmic beats. It honestly just gets better and better with each viewing.

Do you remember YOUR first video viewing? Mine was A-Ha- "Take On Me." So artistic and unexpected, right? And I remember running home- RUNNING HOME!-with my mom to catch the first viewing of Madonna's "Who's That Girl" (with all her former music videos preceeding the inaugral showing in 1987). That was one special evening with Mom. Years later I suggested we start celebrating Family Home Evening, and my mom thought we should go to the Madonna concert. I said I didn't think the Mormons would like that very much. She (The Lady Madge) was later banned from Rachel's house due to the cone-bra incident on tour. Just goes to show- some Parents Just Don't Understand.**

* This video alone was worth the price of admission to me. Sure, Drew Barrymore was that inexplicably odd-but-supposed-to-be-endearing character, and I found the age difference rather unsettling, but...Have you SEEN this video?!?! I want Hugh Grant now, too.
** That would be the rap every single Walker kid learned by heart. Tell me you loved it, too. Zips. Ha! Some moms...Honestly.

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HannaHighpoint said...

Drew Barrymore is ALWAYS odd.