Thursday, July 12, 2007

Dear Boys:

Dear Ricky,
I had such a crush on you and I was so shy, that the first time I ever confessed I liked you on the very first page of my very first diary, I tore the page out and shred it up so no one would ever suspect.
I still think you were great on "Silver Spoons."

Dear Alex P,
I cannot explain why such a yuppie was so adorable to me. I think it's because even I understood that one day you would go Back to the Future for me when I was old enough to know what to do with a boy as cute as you. Plus, I really liked your parents.

Dear Justin,
Your freckles were the only sweet thing about you, and even though you like to play the bad-boy, those freckles and the little twinkle in your eye told me that deep down inside, you were really, really wholesome. And look! 20 years later, I was right. You're the only thing holding the Bluth family together.

Dear Matthew,
No one else seemed to notice you when we were teens, but no matter how bad your lines or how lame your story, you were always funny and sincere. I am very sorry about your bout with prescription drugs, but I'm happy to see that, after all these years, you're still cute when you're

Dear Jake,
When I saw you at 15 and predicted you would be hot, I told myself that it was wrong to love someone so much younger than I. But anyone in high school who can build a rocket like that and be so smart and so good and so cute and so inspired will have my heart forever. And now you've proven that I am so so very right to have waited for you...


Salt H2O said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I played pool with Ricky Schroder....and I didn't know who he was? I was 8, it was awesome.

Rachel said...

Awesome. I am going to have to make a "Dear Boys" link list...

f*bomb. said...

There was this episode of The Partridge Family where Keith was followed around by every girl who saw him (because he was a Partridge) and then he met a girl who didn't know who he was and she didn't care, and he FELL IN LOVE WITH HER.

So? Did Ricky fall in love with you? Beacause he should... You are going to have to tell this story IMMEDIATELY. You are fulfilling a fantasy.

caroline said...

is the matthew you refer to matthew perry when he was carol's boyfriend on growing pains? remember when he died? that was sad. i think growing pains was the only time i liked him. oh! and leonardo dicaprio.

f*bomb. said...

Don't ask how it happened, but I had a vision of Leo this morning (from Growing Pains). I never thought he was cute, but I DO recall thinking he was an AMAAAAAzing actor (from Growing Pains). And I also remember my friend, Keeley, calling me to say, "There's a really cute boy on Growing Pains!!!"
I mostly had a crush on Alan Thick. Let's not get into how complicated that is.

Yes- Matthew Perry was also in a little-watched teen show called, "Second Chances," where his older-version-self is allowed back to help out his teenaged-version-self so he can make it into heaven when he dies. He then was on some lame show about a woman with a baby and it sucked, but I watched it whenever I could anyway, because he was the only bright spot on that program. I take personal responsibility to the success of his career from there. I BELIEVE IN YOU, MATTHEW!!!

Hadz said...

I had the hottest "Teen Beat" pictures of Alyssa Milano in her early Who's The Boss days on my bedroom wall...that is until my mom made me take them down.

f*bomb. said...

I think if I had a son with a picture of Alyssa Milano on his wall, I'd censor it, too.

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