Monday, July 30, 2007

Roll Call!

Several friends have said they read Blogg, but always feel intimidated about adding their opinions because they don't know anyone commenting, or they're shy because they met Blogg through a friend instead of me. I hope this helps you feel more comfortable so you can chime in. Tell us!

Who are you? How did you meet Blogg? Where are you? When do you read Blogg? What are your favourite topics?


f*bomb. said...

Farrah. I write here.
Huntington Beach.
I read every morning- and several times in the evening, because I have brilliant friends with outstanding opinions.

Salt H2O said...

Kory. Pierside Ward "Graduate" Living against my will in the SLC. I read the Blog every moring before scripture study. (yeah, my priorities are a little jacked)
I write at

Favorite Topic: Gayboys that wish for planets full of unicorns.

Vanilla Vice said...

Bree. I write here and have my own blog. Kory, above, I shall add you to my blog list, even though I don't know you, merely because I enjoy your comments on Farrah's blog. Click on my pic and you shall be directed to my blog. Farrah, I enjoy Unicorns as well (I believe there's a new one today?), and relationships. And music.

chloe elizabeth said...

Chloe. I'm in Provo. I found the blog through k8 (we were on the mish together). I am a recent convert to the blog and now have it on my reader, so I read whenever there is a new post, although I have been the casual reader for a while.

I'm a fan of most posts...but especially the dating opinions...and comments on porn.

louisgray said...

Louis. Read from Sunnyvale (home) and San Jose (work), depending on when the RSS feed gets updated. I found it from a mass spam e-mail from Farrah, and I enjoy her comments on the insane trek from singledom to dualdom...

cropstar5 said...

Christy. Las Vegas.
Met blogg thru k8 who i met thru goose girl who i met from my exroommate.
Read from work every morning before i actually do any work.
Fav topics: woes of singledom/dating/etc, hot men, gay unicorns, and pretty much anything farrah writes about.

Sarita said...

My name is Sarah.

I come from Ca/Vegas/live in SLC.

Found Farrah through Rachel who was in my very first singles ward in Henderson, NV, and now my current one. And lets me call her friend.

(There is some stalking going on there, but not sure who is stalking who).

I have recently started my daily dosage of Farrah every work morning.

Farrah is apparently brilliant and hilarious. 5 stars. *****

I write at that one boring blog that my pic will take you to.

caroline said...

caroline (not the one that just got married–incidentally to my brother. talk about name confusion)

i met blogg cause farrah kept harassing me to read it. i met farrah when i lived in SF.

i'm in slc. i started my own blog about food cause i'm not interesting enough to have one about anything else.

i read sporadically throughout the day while taking breaks from/avoiding designing things at work.

favorite topic: gay unicorns. did you really have to ask?

Hadz said...

Jared. Honolulu Hawaii where I am finishing up some school before heading back to NYC.

I read whenever I can between studies, work and surf.

Favorite topics: Planet Unicorn Hey!!! Playlists and any ramblings on current events that involve Britney, Paris or Lindsay.

The Dally Llama said...

Dallas. From Provo, currently in Provo, about to go back to upstate, NY for another year.

I found this here blog when Farrah posted it on 13 'O clock.

I like reading what girls have to say about guys b/c it helps me to get a peak into what in the H. is going on the female mind. The more I understand the logic (can I call it logic?) behind how girls think, the better of a guy I feel like I can be.

I don't like that Farrah insists on using British English spellings. Were you raised on the continent, or in a colony or something?

One of the funniest moments for me was when I signed on to read an entry that took a jab at guys with porn addictions, only to find a Google ad in the margin for what, based on the name of the site and the text of the ad, was a soft-core porn site.

Big fan. Funny and informative. Keep on blogging.

Marie said...

Marie, as advertised.

I wandered here through Rachel's blog.

I'm in SLC.

I read whenever work looms large and my brain whimpers that I'm just asking TOO MUCH of it and that it would function SO MUCH BETTER if I just let it have a TEENY 5-minute blog break.

I like reading anything funny. Substance is just cream. (In my defense, I watch the McNeil News Hour every night, more or less attentively :) said...

Thom - thus ""

I met your blogg through Bree. I saw her blogg on LDSLinkup, but I knew her at the BY.

I am in Jersey. I am from Jersey. I heart Jersey.

I check the blogg usually around 10:00am Eastern, and then again around 7:00pm Eastern.

I like all your topics. I enjoy hearing about the LDS Social Scene and how lame people are (because people are lame everwhere).

miss said...

Marissa - Huntington Beach
I love you Farrah
I think you are amazing and laugh my A off everyday whilst reading your blog
Someday Ill comment...I know everyone wants to know the opinion of a divorced mom....

Salt H2O said...

Bree, you may not know me, but I went out with the linkup shmuck that you dated- the biggest shmuck of all time- I'm sure Farrah blogged about him and others like him a while ago.

But since we both went out with this loser, I feel a special kinship.

Jacks said...

Sara, former Pierside Ward member, now living in SLC and am totally missing HB! Shout out to all you HB'ers. Farrah-- I love reading your blog... great distraction from work.

Tannerama said...

Tanner, Burbank/LA area, met Farrah a couple of times at totally awesome parties. I read the Blog whenever I get the chance.

Favorite topics: Farrah

Vanilla Vice said...

I have dated so many shmucks, I don't know which one you're referring to. Initials? Then again, I think I know. I'll go with gut instinct and say JM

f*bomb. said...

Take that one outside, ladies. It creeps me out just THINKing about my brush with the sociopathic, JM.

Dallas- blame finding porn on my site all you like. Some might call it, "Art." As for my spelling, yes; I was educated in NEW England, and we are very particular about how we spell and how we pronounce the relation, "aunt." She is not an insect.

JARED!!! ...I make a point to never- NEVER- mention celebutaunts by name, as I refuse to add attention to their atrocious behaviour and add fuel to their so-called-"fame." I know fame. Fame is dancing for your life on the mean city streets in spandex and leg warmers and using fantastic amounts of hairspray. I experience FAME on a near daily basis. It is not doing humilating acts in public so someone will take your picture.

Yaaay! Miss-Missa!!! And to all else who were so quiet before, I hope you all now feel better acquainted. Please. Don't be shy. This is a safe place for you to express yourself and contribute in a positive manner.
Unless, of course, you are fugly.

Lauren said...

Lauren San Diego. Met Farrah through Kory.

Lauren said...

oh, it's me again. i forgot about the favorite topic part:ummmm probably not porn. to be honest, i'm just not all that into porn, but don't worry, I won't judge you. jk. i don't have a favorite topic. i just like the candor.

Rachel said...

I am Rachel, Farrah's long lost friend from high school. Beat that. One day I was reading a friend's blog and wandered to another. There I saw a link to some girl named Farrah. I thought to myself, "Wouldn't that be amazing if that was MY Farrah's blog?" Click and it was. Magic. And only three blogs away.

Um, so I don't really have a set blog reading schedule. I just read. Analyzing singleness is generally not my favorite topic (thus the rotting eggs comment). Yet, somehow Farrah keeps me reading. Maybe it is because I always feel a little more alluring afterwards. Such a charmer really.

How did I miss the unicorn thing?

f*bomb. said...

Planet Unicorn- Heyyy!

I love that all of you love a gay boy named Shannon, and unicorns named Feathers, Cadillac, and Tom Cruise JUST as much as I do! This is such a warm place we're in. I heart you guys.

That being said, many people who read are close personal friends, more are people who should be close personal friends, and then there are the associates and friends of my close personal friends who I WISH were my close personal friends. See how nicely that works?

darran said...

Darran from Huntington Beach. I'm here because of Brett and Jermaine. And Murray too. Farrah introduced them to me on Blogg, for which I am very grateful. If you don't know these people, then you are missing out. I read very sporadically when I'm wasting time at work (not that reading this blogg is a waste of time), though recent slander towards science goes against my very existence (at least during the work week) and I may have to go elsewhere for advice on gay unicorns. Or not.

You’re so beautiful, like a tree.

Jenn said...

Hey Farrah, it's Jennie. I read your blog once or twice a week, especially when I need pop my "the grass is always greener on the other side" fantasy. I liked being single. Sometimes. And your blog sure makes it look fun. :-) Oh yeah, still in Utah, still 3 kids, still trying to burn off the baby weight.