Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So seriously-
My phone finally disintegrated and as part necessity and sucking it up to continue with this year's theme: Class It UP- 2007; I have a fancy new phone. It keeps all kinds of information, but I need you to send me your full name, digits, email, address, and birthday. And anything else I might want to know.


f*bomb. said...

You don't need to post the info here- in fact, I'd rather you not.

Just give me a call or email me.

OH! And, PS-
I can finally text!!!

chloe elizabeth said...

You really couldn't text before now? Amazing. said...

If you couldn't text . . . how did you get the booty-call-text?

farrah said...

I had the capability...Just not the patience for it. So IF I texted someone in return, the amount of focus and concentration it required was usually more than I could bear. I'd end up speaking in fragments and sounding like an old Chinese woman. Plus, I feel strongly about punctuation and proper grammer, which seems to wave bye-bye when it comes to texters. So I found text-messaging a little offensive.

As you can see, the new phone has a full keypad, along with capitalization and punctuation, so my texts accurately portray my respect for the English language.

chloe elizabeth said...

Fantastic. I am totally with you on the grammar and punctuation...I just have a phone that is very user friendly. I do understand your frustration. And if with proper grammar and punctuation, texting is definitely not my method of choice for communicating with people.

f*bomb. said...

I just found out there are touch-screen phones which may be more user-friendly.
Can anyone testify? I have 30 days to figure this phone out before they make me keep it for time and all my 2 year contract...

k8 said...

the Blackberry can make you do dumb things like answer requests from your boss from the foyer at church. remember, you own the blackberry, it does NOT own you.

f*bomb. said...

Yeah, well. Apparently I can receive email on my phone now, but I haven't a clue how to even set that up. And I keep hearing I can sync it to Outlook.
What's Outlook?