Friday, August 3, 2007

The Ponies.

It's Friday, so that means time to kick off the weekend.
I've been saving this for you, since a) it's Friday and b) I'm headed to the ponyraces in Del Mar to earn a little cash for the weekend, so it seemed fitting.
So last night at Chronic, the little hot tamale behind the counter created a controversy. I was convinced he was gay; Krista disagreed, citing that he had flirted mercilessly with me over the salsa. As we know, gay men love me like
unicorns love ambrosia. So. Those of you who frequent the Chronic...Is that little blondie surfer behind the register gay, or just kinda lisp-y?


Anonymous said...

Straight. No question about it....

f*bomb. said...

You can't fool me, Krista. That wasn't magic you saw. That was just another gay man's attraction to an Asian girl who knows how to eat.