Friday, June 1, 2007

Planet Unicorn- heyyy!

Holy crap.
I just want to warn you that this very well may be the RADDEST SERIES EVER DRAWN. AND they're educational!

Further evidence that I am a gay boy- if I had 3 wishes, I'd want a planet of unicorns, too! Now I know what I want, so when I meet a genie, I won't even HESITATE.

Trust me. The more you watch it, the better they get.
...And to think, it all started with
research on Fraggles, to THIS:

At this time I would like to note that our most honourable Captain Irresistible has been considering a tattoo of his family crest...which has a unicorn in it. Yea or Nay? Dain?


Vanilla Vice said...

I love unicorns. I can't decide which ones my favorite, Feather, Cadillac, or Tom Cruise. Who are we kidding. Tom Cruise!

K said...

Farrah.... this is the best FREAKIN' blog ever! Watching Planet Unicorn is my new favorite time-sucker. Thanks for the laughs!!! And, I agree with Vanilla Vice....Tom Cruise the Unicorn ROCKS!!! (Cuz' I think he likes to poke things with his magical horn....)

andrea said...

dear lord that music video is from a movie I watched like crazy as a kid called "the last unicorn!!!" wow. flashback.

Dainon said...

"Your nose looks like a cat."

No, the best unicorn is the one with the blue pompadour and mustache. All the words that come out his wee unicorn mouth are funny. If you don't believe me, go back and re-watch.

f*bomb. said...

I just love the, "yaaay!" "I'm happy." and the whisper: unicorn!

The Caped Pussy said...

I am totally offended by that cat comment. I will fly to planet unicorn and befriend the water unicorn and seek revenge on those three faggy pieces of dog poop. They will be shreds of yarn by the time I'm through with them.

f*bomb. said...

I watched this again for probably the 19th-million time and STILL LAUGHED. HARD.

Two Possibities:
I am easily amused.
This is the awesomest cartoon ever made.

Kory said...

I have forwarded this to anyone one I know with an ounce of personality. It is HILAIRIOUS. I love the theme song.

Thank you for this piece of genious- you made me look very cool to all of my friends.

f*bomb. said...

Kory- Knowing you alone makes any one of us cooler. You're doing us all a favour- believe me, darling, when I say that the honour is ours.

Welcome, Friends of Kory! Through association alone I know you will be a kindred spirit. Use this Blogg as though it were your own.