Friday, June 1, 2007

Hunk O'The Month

June's Hunk O'The Month is:
Captain Irresistible: DAIN.

He is taller than me by over 1 foot.
He is outstanding at Buzz Lightyear. We're talking inhumanly good.
He likes pirates. A lot.
He gives really great and surprisingly thoughtful advice.

He thinks (if he weren't Bree's younger brother) that he's Irresistible.

He's in a band with a million Asian guys:

Dain fans, it is now your turn to fawn and purr and worship.



Vanilla Vice said...

It's in the DNA people. It's science.

f*bomb. said...

He IS a giant among men.
And when he is standing beside ME.

Renegade Of Funk said...

Damn, he's perty.

Aaron said...

what the girls see - a really perty man.

what the guys see(at least this guy) - a really perty man who's buzz lightyear score i MUST destroy.

f*bomb. said...

Did Aaron just imply that Funk is a girl?

The Caped Pussy said...

Oh I'm purring. I can't stop. What's wrong with me? Panic mode...

chinkablink said...

boys dressed as pirates rock my world.

f*bomb. said...

They don't call him "Captain Irresistible" for nothing.